The Plus Side of Good Hygiene

Health is very fragile for the reason that a lot of people are prone to illnesses. For every reason that there is health, there are also illnesses and both serve as the yin and the yang of a human’s body. The birth of health is also the birth of sickness, this is why we shouldn’t undermine and take our health for granted. As we all say, “Live healthy, live life”. Looking from every angle of health, it is really very simple in keeping ourselves healthy; healthy hygiene itself tweaks the body to maintaining its glowing health.

Living a healthy lifestyle is living your life to the fullest. This is why we, fragile organisms living in this world, must not only eat healthy but also leave healthy. Poor hygiene is one reason a lot of people get colds, infections, allergies, etc. Why? Poor hygiene invites germs and bacteria to grown within the human body thereby making is susceptible to all types of diseases and sickness.



Where do bacteria like living best? Dirty clothes, dirty rooms, filth, garbage, cold and dirty places, and everything else with the word DIRT in it! And to think that aside from bacteria, insects like cockroaches and flies really love these places, and if your place really looks like this, you can become a candidate for nightmare house in Elm Street starring Freddy Krueger.


The next step to a clean environment is good hygiene. If you are a person, then you very well know the basics like bathing and brushing teeth. If you are a health conscious kind of person then you are living healthy. Having clean oral and physical hygiene is the key to longer life. It is not that you’ve found the youth fountain and live forever; this is the major key in living long and healthy. Now, let us correct the formula written above, healthy lifestyle + germ free environment + good hygiene equals a longer and healthy lifestyle. That would be much better.


The Downside of Poor Hygiene

Let us cite a very simple example: imagine you are a lazy kid who loves eating lots of sweet, juicy, and mouthwatering candies who never minds to brush your teeth and happens to develop a very small black hole in your tooth. After a day or two, this tiny hole can hurt. After a week or two, the hole gets bigger and bigger infesting other tooth beside it. Tooth extraction is highly recommended. Believe me, this may hurt you more than it will hurt me. As you can see in this short tale, the tiniest problem can grow to a bigger problem that can really pose a threat to your health. Just like in oral hygiene, forgetting to brush your teeth can develop small cavities in your teeth that you may not see now, but will show when they’re already fully developed.


Putting it on physical hygiene, unclean living environment, plus the fact that you don’t bathe every day, wash your pillow cases and bed sheets once in a while, can turn your house into a marsh where you, the forgotten creature lurk in. Well, actually, not cleaning your living environment can pose a threat not only to you but also to your family. Dust can accumulate in your sheets that can irritate your respiratory system which can lead to lung infection then to tuberculosis. Just imagine how a little dust can penetrate into your system that can bring bacteria into your body.


Bathing is another hygiene must-to-do section which is essential for removing dirt and bacteria on the body. You may not want molds to be growing on your skin, and turn into a loch ness monster. Bacteria on the body can cause skin irritation that can spread all over the body that can lead to skin asthma, blister formation and of course, acne problems and pimples. As we all say, small things really put up a really strong sucker punch.


Secret to Being Beautiful

What is the secret to being beautiful? Beauty products, skin care products, moisturizer creams might help but hygiene itself is a simple regime and free treatment that would make your body healthy from inside and out. Now is the time to live life and live healthy. Live life with hygiene!