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Top 5 Beauty Treatments. Do they Work?

Our self esteem gets pulverized everyday by the abundance of seemingly effortlessly beautiful people around us. And in this dog eats dog’s world, people often judge someone based on how good they look. To achieve that flawless appearance with a hint of Hollywood thrown in, people now often resort to various beauty procedures claimed to fulfill your every beauty needs, pronto, because no want wants to wait and put in effort anymore to achieve that killer look.

But how many of these so called beauty-pick-me-ups actually work? Don’t they have side effects? Do they even last?

Here are analytical views on the Top 5 popular Beauty Treatments of all time.

Fat Burning Creams

Everyone must have been familiar with that magical cream claimed to melt off inches off your love handles after minutes upon application. But how many of these creams actually have effects strong enough to last long term? Sure they seem to work the first few minutes, enough for us to get totally excited and then carried away with something else. What do they contain? Most claim to burn away, and have some sort of heat after application. Extracts from peppers called Capsaicin contributes to that tingly, warm sensation. And the melting inches? Caffeine, which drives away water. So what you’re temporarily losing is surface water. No more than that.

Extreme Fad Diets

Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkin’s Diet, Lemonade Diet, Chocolate Diet, South Beach Diet and etc etc. Yes. These diets do help in losing weight drastically, without much sweaty workout sessions too. But once you stop following the monotonous food rules, your weight will come bouncing back, even more than what you originally weighed. The science behind these diets are simple. You deprive your body, and put your body in starvation mode, forcing your body to use up it’s own resources. But what you’re really losing is valuable metabolism amping muscle mass and water weight instead of fat! You might even develop malnutrition or bouts of health problems. When you do stop, your body learns, after this bout of starvation to hold on stronger to food, making you gain more weight thereafter. Hence, really, there’s no better way to lose weight other than to eat healthy in smaller portions and to do fat oxidizing cardio workouts regularly.

Blackhead extraction

Blackhead extractions are a norm in beauty parlors every where. Done the hygienic way with proper technique before and after, popping those clogged stuff from your pores (comedones) actually help to relieve your pores and prevent further infection. However, many back alley so called beauticians do a bad job on blackhead extractions, leaving skin with scars and other complications. To really curb blackheads, head over to a dermatologist for products with special acids like AHA, BHA to dissolve blackheads or opt for Microdermabrasions that scrubs away a thin layer of skin, revealing younger skin beneath. Apart from that, ask for a glycolic peel, better known as acid peels. There are many ways of medically safe ways of having blackhead free skin instead of doing blackhead extractions.

Ear candling

Sticking a wick like device from your ear, trying to draw out the impurities from your ears by setting it on fire? Dangerous, and totally ineffective, and scientifically proven so! Stop putting yourself at risk. The wax in our ears are means of protection for the internal structures contained inside. If you feel like your ear wax is bothering you, head to the doctor’s office, not an alternative shop for ear candling. However convincing it may sound, the black stuff said to be “toxins” at the end of the candling session is actually just residue from the oxidization of burning. It is not scientifically possible to remove substances from our ear via candling, what more at the risk of being burnt and causing grievous hurt to our body.

Colon Irrigation

In short, Colon hydrotherapy is the process of introducing water into the bowels by injecting liquids, usually administered through an enema. The mechanics behind the “cleansing” is due to the sudden increase of water content in the colon. Additional water causes the intestines to bloat, stimulating a response to flush out the contents, hence ” purging ” the colon. Sounds convincing right?

Well, unfortunately, colon cleansing has been shunned by the scientific community and has been deemed a hoax by medical experts in terms of expelling so called toxins accumulated in the colon. For normal people just like us, colon cleansing via irrigation and enema pose more of a threat than benefit to our colons. This is due to the fact that our body is very capable at cleaning and taking care of itself. There are no pockets in the colon that allow feces to adhere to. Furthermore, linings on the colon are shed every 3 days for renewal, so the possibility of toxin accumulation is really low. Sadly,the whole concept of cleaning out rotten food stuck to our digestive system has been exaggerated by some practitioners, making colon cleansing more of a marketing gimmick than a health procedure. Moreover, there are a lot of underlying health threats associated particularly with colon hydrotherapy, such as electrolyte imbalance induced heart attacks, dehydration, bacterial infection, intestinal perforations and inability to defecate without aid. It is certainly a method to relieve constipation, but not on a regularly basis.

So be smart. Live healthily. Be beautiful.