Whiten Your Elbows and Knees

Dark elbows and knees are very unsightly. In fact, they can be easily noticed by people especially when exposed. If you are currently struggling in finding the right solution to such problems then this is going to be your best time to learn the best remedies and procedures that will help you reduce and eradicate such problems on your elbows and knees.

Causes of Darkening

Before getting into the different remedies, it will be very important to learn the different reasons why darkness occurs in these parts of the body.

Lack of Moisture

In case you are not aware, lack of moisture on the skin can definitely cause darkness particularly on your elbows and knees. This is especially true to the elbows and knees because these regions of the body which are often neglected. To avoid these areas to look dark, you have to make sure that they are moisturized or hydrated regularly. Hydration is plain and simple. All you have to do is to drink plenty of water as this will keep not only your body organs but also your skin hydrated and moisturized. Another way to moisturize these parts of the body is to apply good amount of virgin olive oil before and after taking a bath or before bed time.

 Calloused Elbows

If you spend so much time resting your elbows on hard surfaces, this can definitely transform their appearance. If you are doing this practice for a long period of time, callous will soon develop and treating these parts can become more difficult than treating a dark elbow. So, it is advisable to refrain from resting your elbows over hard and rough surfaces.


There are certain types of health or medical conditions which can make the knees and elbows dark. Pregnancy on the other hand can also affect the skin and can cause discoloration or darkening on areas of the body such as the knees and elbows. Although this is a natural phenomenon to pregnant women, it will still be best to consult a dermatologist if you can no longer stand the unsightly look of your elbows and knees.


There are certain cases that no matter how hard one tries, he or she cannot remove the darkness of his or her elbows and knees. What could probably be the reason behind this? In some cases, dark knees and elbows are genetically inherited. This means that these problems have been there since birth. If you really want to get rid of this humiliating skin problem, all you have to do is to consult your doctor or dermatologist in order to get the right solution to this skin problem.


After you have learned the different reasons why knees and elbows darken, here is a list of helpful remedies and tips that will help you overcome such problems. Some of the remedies that are mentioned here may come unorthodox but rest assured that they will truly work well on your knees and elbows.


  • Rub lemon to whiten and soften your elbows; do this regularly.


  • Mix milk or honey with almond paste. Application should be in a circular motion. Allow it to stand for quite some time then wash away.
  •  Combine cucumber extract, lemon juice, and tamarind; smear them on the dark areas of your elbows and knees and allow the mixture to remain on skin for 20 minutes; wash away with water


  • A small part of vinegar with plain yoghurt can be used to reduce the darkness of the skin especially on the elbows and knees. Rub the mixture thoroughly on affected spots to help restore your skin of its original pigmentation.


  • The simplest solution you can use is to combine together a small part of hand soap and a small part of salt; rub the mixture on the dark spots then wash it away with water.


Now if you do not have enough time mixing ingredients, you can just buy products that are intended for such conditions. But you have to be very careful and cautious as many skin whiteners may or can damage the inner layer of the skin. While there are many skin products out in the market today, you have to take caution that not all products are proven to be effective. Asking the advice of a dermatologist is best in order to get to the right treatment.