5 Facts About Tattoo Makeup

Ever wish you could enhance your face without using too much makeup? Or do you wish you could have more time in the morning to apply cosmetics quickly without the usual smudges? You may want to look into having makeup tattoo.

This is not an extreme procedure as many people think and through careful selection of cosmetologists, is relatively safe. Below are just some of the questions you might want to ask yourself before having makeup permanently tattooed on your face.

What exactly is tattoo makeup?

Tattoo makeup, also called permanent cosmetics, is a procedure that uses micro-pigmentation to replicate makeup and enhance the features of the eyes, lips, eyebrows and eye lids.  This cosmetic technique have been used since the ancient times around the world as evidenced by the excavated tattooed bodies of Egyptian royalties like Queen Cleopatra and by the ancient Tebori body art in Japan. With the advent of modern technology, tattoo makeup techniques became more specialized, faster and safer. The changing perception of tattoos also helped popularize this cosmetic technique as it provides a lot of convenience for extremely busy women and is an instant solution for people who need to hide their scars, skin diseases or repair the breast’s areola after breast surgery.

What are the benefits of tattoo makeup?

1. Eyebrows – Tattoo makeup provides natural eyebrow symmetry to a naturally asymmetrical face.  Measurements are taken to position the eyebrows and after a few adjustments, two or three colors are used to create a natural brow which is almost 50% darker than what you originally have.
2. Eyeliner – Tattooed eyeliner takes away the hassle of reapplication and smudging of store- bought eyeliners. The dark shade around the eyes also gives an illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes.
3. Lips – Tattoo makeup can help define the shape of your lips and also give you that sexy pout. By aesthetically tattooing shades of your favorite colors inside and at the border of your lip, the resulting color combination and lines create an illusion of fuller lips.
4. Areola reconstruction –After breast surgery, tattoo makeup can help recreate a natural nipple and areola that were removed during mastectomy. This is especially important to the physiological well being of some breast cancer patients who would like to feel normal again.
5. Reduction of scars from burns, burns, stretch marks, acne and surgeries.

How do I know tattoo makeup is safe?

Many countries establish a Committee or Board to regulate tattoo makeup procedures. The setting of strict standards is essential because permanent cosmetics carry  similar riskd as regular skin tattoos. In the United States for example, the ink used in the procedure has to have FDA approval to avoid skin infections and other diseases. In some US states, cosmetologists are required to have an esthetic license before they can even start accepting patients. If you are going to have a minimal tattoo makeup procedure in a salon, make sure that the establishment carries the right permits and adequate certificates for this procedure. Certified salons should also have sterilized instruments to prevent the spread of blood infection like HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. Make it a point to research on the history of your cosmetologist and ask for samples of his or her work.  Be specific on what needs to be done to avoid undesirable results that may be straightened out only through expensive and painful operations.

Is tattoo makeup really permanent?

In Australia, cosmetologists are prevented to advertise tattoo makeup as permanent cosmetics since the clients may have to undergo the procedure after three years. This is because the ink sits on top of dead cells and as these cells exfoliate; the tattoo gradually fades until it’s completely gone from the skin.  Other factors that remove makeup tattoo include sun exposure, the quality strength of the pigments used, and uneven skin tone due to other environmental factors.

Is tattoo makeup removable?

Like any skin tattoos, makeup tattoo can be removed through laser technique and derm abrasion and it can be a painful experience in the hands of less skilled professional. Laser removal is the more preferred choice since it is quicker and produces better results than the latter. After a laser treatment, you will notice your skin appear whiter and swollen. This is only temporary as the swelling will subside within thirty minutes. Tattoos with predominant colors of black, orange and dark blue are quicker to erase compared to lighter colors and it may take several laser treatment sessions before you can completely remove all traces of the ink.