6 Basic Foot Care Products You Should Have

Our feet carry our body’s entire weight and facilitate our mobility and we usually pamper it by getting a foot spa or massage once or twice a month. However there are a lot of foot care products that should be part of your daily ritual and below are just some of them:

1. Good footwear

Good footwear is one of the most essential foot care products that you need. Your job probably requires you to wear shoes and that means your feet would have to endure walking and running on them for a good eight hours. Ill-fitting shoes are very destructive in the long run. It will make you develop bunions, calluses and even deform your joints. It can also cause back and spine problems since bad footwear affects your posture. In choosing this foot care product, shoes should have proper arch support and protection. There should also be enough space for your toes to wiggle around, the heels should be firm and if possible, only 2.5 cm.  It is highly important that the shape of the shoes should match the foot.  Heeled shoes for women should have straps or laces so you would not exert a lot of effort keeping them in place. If you can, use high heels sparingly to prevent foot ache and sprains.

2. Socks

We think that all socks are the same and unfortunately, they are not. Socks are another foot care product that you have to buy with care.  They are often categorized differently as office socks, hypo allergenic socks, running socks, etc in department stores. Just like shoes and shirts, your shocks should be the right size in order to avoid blisters. Buy ones that have a high needle count because they are more durable, they keep off moisture better and give better support to your feet. Also make sure that there is enough fabric support in the ankles and behind the toes because these are the areas that wear out faster due to abrasion.

3. Foot Scrub

Scrubbing is important to make your feet look healthy and clean. Pumice stone and foot scrubs are foot care products that you have to keep in your bathroom.  It is essential that you use them once or twice a week to exfoliate dead skin and get rid of harmful microorganisms that cause fungal and bacterial infection.  The rubbing action during scrubbing gives your feet instant massage and it increases the blood circulation on your feet and legs. Note that you have to be gentle if you decide to scrub your feet daily to avoid harming your skin.

4. Foot Lotion and creams

There are a lot of foot care products that can help you moisturize your feet. Good lotions and moisturizers soften and smoothen the feet, making it look healthier. It also prevents calluses from forming. For extremely dry or chapped feet, try applying petroleum jelly before going to bed. It would be best to put socks over them to help the skin absorb the cream. Wash your feet the following day and enjoy its softness. For feet with infections, use doctor-prescribed foot care products like anti-fungal cream or germicidal soap to prevent microorganisms from re-growing.

5. Clippers

For health reasons, it is not advisable to grow your nails long. It not harbors germs but also helps in the development of ingrown in toenails. It is unfortunate however that most nail trends advocate long nails since it creates an illusion of longer toes. Clippers are foot care products you will need to fashion your nails so they will be more manageable when they grow out. Cutting the nails across in a straight line, instead of rounding it at the tip helps you avoid the risk of ingrown.

6. Antiseptic

Antiseptic are very important foot care product because they kill germs instantly. You should have this handy especially when you walk barefoot on floors or in the dirt. A lot of parasites can enter the skin’s pores if the feet have no physical protection so you have to make sure that you occasionally pour alcohol or antibacterial solution to prevent parasites from attaching to your skin.



As you can see, all of these foot care products are accessible and very affordable. You can even try your own recipes for foot scrubs, antiseptics and lotions if you opt for customized ingredients. It is important to note that most foot diseases and infections are contagious so do not share your foot products with anyone. Also make sure to clean your surroundings, especially floors that accumulate moisture, to avoid bacteria from proliferating.