acai berry

Acai Berry for A Healthier You

You cannot imagine that this small, round and purplish berry, similar to a grape has so much power. Just like a superhero, it can overcome all odds which you can consider as a perfect food. In the Rainforest of the Amazon, this palm tree that the natives identified as ica-ica (literally means, the fruit that cries) bears the acai berry. This wonder fruit can cure an endless list of bodily disorders and the best option to shed those extra pounds.

Top health specialists consider being overweight and obesity as the primary world’s health problems.  If you are obese and overweight, you are not only dealing with appearance issue but medical concerns affecting your health. Millions of Americans purchase expensive diet product to shed excessive pounds but only 5 to 6 % will be successful because many of these diet products are ineffective or only a panacea. Light is just at the end of the tunnel since an effective source of losing weight has been discovered which is not exactly a diet product but comes directly from nature.

Acai berries have been eaten for centuries by the Brazilians as their traditional food. It was only in the ‘50’s that its medical and health values were discovered. Its positive effects have been given glowing testimonials from successful users among them were TV icons, Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray.  They personally confirmed the good effect of acai berries and how this berry helps them lose weight. Nicholas Perricone, a well-known doctor and skin expert, considered acai berry as number 1 of the few superfoods in his list.

This awesome berry is so effective in losing weight loss for it has rendered great service to people all over the world to alleviate their weight crisis. It is scientifically proven that the overwhelming antioxidants contained in the berry work for weight loss to as much 22 pounds in 11 weeks. If you are finding a way to lose weight and get rid of those extra pounds, you do not need to starve to death nor to fall exhausted in the gym again and again; you just have to eat this wonderful fruit.

As you eat all kinds of food, your digestive system endeavors to break down unnatural transfat and processed sugar. However, there are always some remnants not broken down so they are transformed into body fat and extra weight.  Acai berry teeming with powerful antioxidants stimulate metabolism burning fats faster. Overcrowded antioxidants contained in the berry drive out harmful toxins and pollutants that make you feel bloated and decrease your energy level. As your metabolism increases, calories are burnt out and transfat are melted even while you sleep.

In short, these are the benefits of the fruit to help you lose those extra pounds:

• It hastens metabolic process;
• It helps the digestive system;
• It decreases cravings to eat;
• It strengthens muscle tone; and
• It improves energy and stamina.

The capabilities of acai berry in helping you achieve your perfect weight cannot be underrated. When you take acai berries regularly, you will be burning twice as much the number of calories normally. Your digestive tracts will be cleanse of toxins, so that your sensations of bloated feelings will be eliminated and you can easily reduce your voracious appetite. Acai berry rids you of unwanted pounds by burning off unwanted fats and preventing the fatting consequences of sugar. All of these effects lead to weight loss which is much better than using diet products.

Other benefits you derived from eating acai berries are:

• It boosts your gums and preserves teeth;
• It insures better cognitive and intellectual performance;
• It forestalls eczema and other allergic skin reactions;
• It clears up your skin;
• It builds up your immune system;
• It combats bad cholesterol;
• It enlivens your sex drive; and
• It prevents aging.

Are there side effects from taking acai berry?  Even though acai berry has no known side effects, you still have to be careful when the food is combined with guarana. This syrup is an appetite suppressant and stimulant which contains caffeine and has untoward side effects when taken regularly. Buy only pure acai berry supplements to avoid any negative side effects from other harmful ingredients combined; otherwise, the health and weight loss benefits will be lost.

Lose weight effectively with acai berry; you are assured that it is safe with no side effects since it comes directly from nature.