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Anti Aging Secrets for Applying Makeup

Wrinkles, wrinkles, little scars, how I wonder what you are. Wrinkles, scars, dry skin– these are probably what you notice from your face as you age. You might not be able to totally avoid them but you can lessen them as you read these anti aging secrets.

Anti Aging Makeup

While many women think that putting a thick foundation will definitely cover all their fine lines, on the contrary, it should not be done. One good thing about anti aging makeup is that as you apply it to your face sparingly, you will definitely have a natural look.  This is one of the good benefits for this special type of makeup.  One secret in the application of this makeup is that even when you are at a distance, it seems that you are not wearing makeup at all.  What the people will see is that you have an even and natural skin tone. In order to achieve a younger looking skin, it is a good advice that you must look for an anti aging makeup that will match closely to your skin tone.

Toner in Upward Strokes

Primarily, pick a toner that you think will be best for you.  By the use of cotton balls, evenly apply the toner in upward strokes to your face, chest and neck areas.

Moisturizer plus Foundation

Similarly, apply your moisturizer in upward strokes so that your skin will not sag. Make sure that your moisturizer has SPF (with sun protection factor).  One good anti aging secret is by applying one part of foundation to two parts of moisturizer.  It is better to pick a tinted moisturizer or a light textured foundation. Then, gently remove the excess foundation with a tissue.

Dust a small amount of Powder

This anti aging secret will aid to the shiny part of your face such as your nose or t-zone. Moreover, dust a very small amount over your fine lines  and remove any excess.

Right Blusher to Look Younger

Getting a perfect shade of blusher that matches your skin tone will make you look younger. One of the best anti aging secrets is by choosing the best shades that will make your face light up.  You may choose a powder or a cream blusher.   Pink and coral are nice choices to some while others prefer other shades.  Applying your blusher will also make a difference. As you try to smile in front of the mirror, you will notice your 2 apple-like cheek bones.  Blend the blusher from the center going up, higher than the apples of the cheeks. On the other hand, if you use a powder blusher, apply a minimal amount of blusher in circular movements. Then put a very small amount of blush on your chin that is almost unnoticed.

All about your Eyes

There are two contrasting views in choosing eye shadows for anti aging makeup.  Some prefer to avoid bright and shiny colors while others opted for light tones.  The best option for this is to look for an eye shadow that will match the color of your skin and will light up your eyes and face.

For an eyeliner, achieve a flattening look by using a brown or grey pencil closely applied to your top lashes. Smudge gently with your finger afterwards.

For your mascara, instead of black, choose brown or brown black. A good alternative also is navy blue. A natural or volumizing types of mascara are better options. One anti aging secret is that you just put on the mascara to your top lashes as it lifts your face instead of applying heavily to the bottom lashes.  Doing this will not give prominence to the circles under your eyes. By the way, you may want to curl your lashes before applying your mascara.

You may need tweezers or an eyebrow shaver to trim some stray hair on your eyebrows. Then, with a pencil lighter than brown, gently fill in the spaces of your brows and brush them afterwards.

For your Lips

While there are latest lipsticks available in stores, pick a shade that will naturally complement your skin tone and will light up your face.  A lipstick that is neither over-shiny nor matte is a fine choice.  Put a lip liner to evenly shape your lips before putting a lipstick.

These are some of the anti aging secrets for applying makeup that you can count on.