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Natural Looking Makeup

Humans have been doing all they can since the start of history to enhance their looks. For popularity or to gain better mates, our ancestors’ perception of beauty have been engraved in our genes, even up till today. With make up and various aesthetic enhancing techniques, its not really a challenge to improve the desirability of what you’re born with. Always looked like you’re wearing a mask when using makeup? Read here for natural looking makeup.

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zhong lian

Tips to Look Thinner Everyday

Some days you feel great. You feel, fit, full of energy and ready to take over the world. But there are fat days, when you feel puffy and heavy, feeling like you’re bursting at your seams, sluggish, unable to feel good about yourself. Well, don’t feel bad about it. Here are a few ways you can regain your confidence, and get your body back. After all, it is your body, and you’re in control.

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protein power

Harmful Substances You Don’t Realize.

Compared to people of previous generations, we’re in close contact with lots of chemicals. The soap we use on our faces, lipstick we ingest from our lips and the food we nourish our body with, even the air that’s all around us. Almost everything is loaded with preservatives to stand the test of time so they’re readily available for our convenience. Hence, it’s not hard to understand why modern people are so prone to allergy breakouts or exhibit some form of irritation at some point in their lives, thanks to all the hidden harmful substances in stuff that we use.

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tyred 2

Beauty and New Technology

Whether by force or by choice, us people of the tech era have our butts firmly glued for long hours in front of a computer screen. New technology they call it. We may have the fanciest nano tech face cream or whatever expensive anti wrinkle unguents compared to our grandmothers, but really, we’re ageing more than they did when they were our age.  Beauty and new technology, long hours in front of the idiot box, are we really coexisting peacefully?

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Ten Household Beauty Miracles

You have bad hair days. You have bad skin days. You think these things never happened before the Nobel Prize worthy discovery of shampoos or face lotions? Oh, mind you, they were always there. They’re just handled a bit more differently! Beauty emergencies never pop up with an invitation. But you’d be surprised the solution to your woes are actually in the pantry! With all that scare about chemicals, sulphate compounds, plasticizers, carcinogens and what-nots in your  everyday beauty products, household staples are an excellent substitute.

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hair vac

Best Heat Free Hair StyleTips.

Can’t live without your favorite curler ? Or tired of the same curls your curler gives you over and over? Do you have straight boring hair that jumps back right after curling it? Hair feeling the heat from all that styling? Fret not! Have some fun and still get amazing hair. Sometimes, we just have to admit it. Mom knows best. Even when it comes to giving you the most amazing hair tips ever. Old school or not, there’s a reason why these tips have stood the test of time.

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feat eyelash

Eyelash Boosters Your Guide to Eyelash Enhancement

Fluffy eyelashes, thick and luscious. Everyone wants them. Think about it. You almost NEVER see a flattering picture of an alpha female species without those shiny eyes framed by an overgrowth of lashes.  A beautiful woman without a pair of beautiful eyes just ain’t beautiful. It feels sort of incomplete. Like they say, it’s all in the eyes. And they most certainly do all of the talking. With a bat of an eyelid, lots of attitude, and eyelash boosters, I say, almost ANY lady can rule the world.

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Everything about Hands

They work the hardest. And I can’t possibly imagine life without them. They’ve thought me to move around by myself when I was a baby. They got me through school. They allow me to put on my second pair of eyes. They taught me the perfect place to wear diamonds. They make a big first impressions when they’re nice and soft. And they make almost everything in life possible. Our hands. Probably the most highly maneuvered out of all body parts when it comes to doing everyday things we take for granted, but my are they overlooked, and terribly so! Do you know our hands deserve our care and attention too? Maybe even more! Continue reading


How to Fake a Perfect Smile.

How does it feel when you’re rushing about minding your own business, zipping through the unapologetic crowd and suddenly, out of all that chaos, a stranger gives you an aesthetically pleasing smile? Of course there’s a bit of creepiness to it, but I’m sure it will be preceded by a warm feeling of fuzziness and appreciation. Never underestimate the power of a good smile. That may not be the case however, if the stranger had nasty teeth or crusty, unhealthy looking lips. People actually do judge you by your smile without actually realizing it.

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