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Buying tips for Best Lotion

Trying to find the best body lotion sounds easy because of the many available choices in the market. But once you go out there and see the different types of lotion, you will probably need to consider some things first before buying. In this article, learn the best ways and tips on finding the best body lotion for you.

Other skin moisturizers are available in different forms other than lotion in the market such as body moisturizers, body cream, and now there are body butters which act similarly to body lotions. Some are manufactured to be multi-purpose such as cleansers and toners. For example, some women use creams to remove makeup and to moisturize their facial skin. Others use anti-aging serums or moisturizers to counter-act the early signs of skin aging.

Benefits of Buying the Best Lotion

Before going into the buying tips, you should know why it is important to look for the best option. Body lotions are good for your skin especially in the long term. If you’ve ever had a dry or rough skin, then you probably went ahead and put on some moisturizer or lotion to soften the skin and smooth it out. What is not always clear to most people is that this has to be done regularly to achieve good looking, soft and supple skin.

The human skin is the biggest organ of the body. Taking care of it involves moisturizing daily after bath especially if the weather turns cold in the winter, the more you need a moisturizer and a  body lotion to keep it from chapping and drying. Our skin tends to get dry and rough when deprived of moisture,  thus  lotions prevent that from happening.

Another benefit of buying creams and lotions is to prevent the early onslaught of skin aging. We all know we’ll get wrinkles when we get older, but it is always great to look younger than your age. Younger skin is the key to achieve that result.

Lotion form is the easiest moisturizer to apply. They are available in big bottles and easy to dispense for whole body application.

Buying Tips for Best Lotion

Know your skin type

It is easier to find the perfect lotion for you if you know your skin well. If you have overly dry skin then it is best for you to buy an intensive care lotion or sometimes called ultra-healing. This is the best moisturizer for very dry skin. When used regularly, it helps treat the chapping effect of the super dry skin.


Go natural

Look for natural products. These are the lotions made with natural ingredients. They are beneficial to your skin and won’t cause skin allergies, especially if you are prone to skin irritations. Look for ingredients such as aloe vera or Vitamin E that are both beneficial you’re your skin. Avoid lotions with chemicals, alcohol and fragrances as these can be harmful for your body.


Check the color, texture and smell

It might go down to preference, but check the color, texture and smell of the lotion so you will know if you are going to like the lotion to be  applied to your whole body. Remember that this is supposed to be applied regularly and having an unpleasant smell might discourage you from doing so. There is also unappealing color of lotion, but mostly though, people should go for the basic lotion which is colored white. Check the texture. If you think the lotion is too thick for your sometimes oily skin, then, maybe it’s not for you.


Buy separate small bottles of lotion if needed

Some people might just buy the lotion that first came to mind because of popular brand or recommendation from friends. These are good sources of information before buying your lotion but you should also take into account your own lifestyle. Do you have enough time to apply your lotion? If yes, choose the big bottles of lotion so you can take your time applying it while at home. If you are too busy, maybe you can buy separate bottles or tubes of lotion so you can have them anywhere you are.


Choose a specific lotion

There are lotions that are made for whole body, but you can opt to buy a different lotion for your hands and for your feet. There aresome products that target specific areas of your body. When these are your problem areas, choose a lotion that is designed for that body part. If you have very dry hands, look for intensive lotion that can heal and moisturize your hands.

Now that you’ve already read these buying tips, expect that you will have a smoother skin in no time.