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Inexpensive Hair Loss Treatment and Home Remedies

The problem of hair loss begins here. When you start noticing more strands stuck on your hair brush, you begin to worry. It would not be a problem if your body can grow new hair strands exceptionally fast but that is not the case. On the other hand, hair growth has its cycle that normally lasts at about two to six years. It is generally accepted that an average person has approximately 100,000 hair strands that grow, more or less, one centimeter a month. Ninety percent of these strands grow in different phases during the cycle and the other 10 percent go dormant. This remaining 10% fall out in about two to three months and replaced by new hair sprouts. Experts agree that an average daily hair fall is 100 and in order to keep the normal volume of your hair, the fallen ones be replaced by new growth at the same rate. Continue reading

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Dealing with Embarrassing Dandruff

Your hair is your crowning glory. But how can this be if it is giving you embarrassment especially during times when you need motivation. As they say, a healthy hair comes with a healthy scalp. If you enjoy wearing black and dark blue outfits without having to worry on white flakes falling from your head,  good news for you. However, if you are not comfortable wearing those colored shirts because of the heavy snow fall on your shirt even if it is still not winter, read this article as it will discuss the causes of dandruff, effects of dandruff and remedies for dandruff. Continue reading

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Hair Loss in Children

In the United States, around two million children are victims of hair loss. While 60% of these cases are easily treated, just imagine the problem caused by the remaining 40%. It is heartbreaking to see a child losing his hair especially on the part of parents. There are causes for hair loss among the young and it must not only involve the treatment but also the prevention. For a grown up, to start losing his hair is already a tragedy; although hair loss may not cause so much damage in children but it could be embarrassing, frustrating and emotionally depleting. Continue reading

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Gorgeous Curly Hair Without Heat

What else could look more romantic, girly or perfect than curls? A lot of women spend hours each day just trying to get curls on their hair. This often means exposing hair to a lot of heat from curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers and flat irons. This entire thing can damage hair when used too much. The good news is that it is completely possible to get curls without using any heat on your hair. This article will show you some interesting options such as Sock Bun Curls,  Headband Curls,  Paper Bag/ Rag Curls. Continue reading

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Beauty and Healing Properties of Bergamot oil

Though we are living in a society whose dependence in technology is existential, most of the beauty products that we use are extracted from natural sources. One of these natural occurring beauty substances is the Bergamot oil. Tracing its origins from the rich heritage of the Italian culture, Bergamot oil is now used in a variety of ways. To know how this essential oil can benefit you, read on. Continue reading

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7 Stunning Makeup Tips for Brides-to-Be

Almost every woman looks forward to the day that she can walk down the aisle in a wedding dress. There’s no doubt
that looking good on this special day is not an option. With the spotlight on the bride, and all the photos that will be taken, being beautiful is a must. The good news is that there is more than one way to look good. Here are some beauty tips for brides who want to look their best. Continue reading

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Keratin Treatment for Dry, Lifeless Hair

Numerous hair treatment solutions are available in the market.  Hence, they are offered professionally in salons. Some treatments are a do-it-your-self answer to your dry hair problem. Interestingly, gaining popularity today is the Keratin Hair Treatment for Dry Hair.  This article will give much information regarding Keratin Hair Treatment.   It will also discuss some methods of treatment, maintaining Keratin Treated Hair and Side Effects of Keratin Hair treatment. Continue reading

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Dealing With Abnormal Hair Growth

The hair is said to be the crowning glory of a woman.  While others struggle on extreme hair loss or baldness problem, there are others whose issue is the opposite. Well, shall we say, somehow, the opposite, such as one having  beard or chest hair. This article will discuss the following: hirsutism or frazonism, the genetic factor for abnormal hair growth, cosmetic fix for abnormal hair growth, consultation with the specialist, laser removal treatment and tips to slow down growth of hair. Continue reading


Chic Hair Styling Aids

Previously, findіng а styling gеl for boys or mеns’ hаirѕtyleѕ can be daunting – often rеѕоrting tо hаіr рrоducts specially fоrmulated for wоmеn. But nowadays, there are many selections to choose from aside from basic shampoos and conditioners. The availability of hair wax, pomade, mousse, hair spray and hair gels made so much advantages that keep the locks “on hold”.  This article will discuss some of these features as well as the vital components of hairstyling gels. Keep reading… Continue reading


Getting the Benefits of Sulfur Soap and Sulfur Shampoo

Frequent use of regular  shampoo and conditioner may induce flaking.  Moreover, regular usage of soap with harsh chemicals may cause skin irritations.  Thus, Sulfur shampoo and Sulfur soap have healing components that will aid to such hair and skin conditions.  First of all,  let’s begin with explaining what a sulfur shampoo is and how it is  used to treat the unwanted condition of your hair.  This article will answer the following: What is the major benefit of a Sulfur Shampoo?; How long does a person need to use Sulfur Shampoo? ; How long does a person need to use Sulfur Shampoo? and How to use Sulfur Soap?. It will also discuss Sulfur soap as an acne treatment Continue reading