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8 Typical Foot Problems

Whether we are aware or not, our feet incessantly aid us in our day to day living. We practically live with them. We cannot walk without them.  This pair takes us to places where we need to go. Have you also noticed how people may look at your feet?  Undeniably, our feet can also be compared to our facial beauty and the way they look can also say a lot about ourselves. In that case, it pays to be conscious so that they are well taken care of.   Read on for some helpful tips to keep them healthy and clean all the time. But first let us take a look at some common foot problems: Continue reading

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Dealing with Embarrassing Dandruff

Your hair is your crowning glory. But how can this be if it is giving you embarrassment especially during times when you need motivation. As they say, a healthy hair comes with a healthy scalp. If you enjoy wearing black and dark blue outfits without having to worry on white flakes falling from your head,  good news for you. However, if you are not comfortable wearing those colored shirts because of the heavy snow fall on your shirt even if it is still not winter, read this article as it will discuss the causes of dandruff, effects of dandruff and remedies for dandruff. Continue reading


Ways to Achieve Pearly White Teeth

Let’s all admit that we have our guilty pleasures. That strawberry lollipop you saw at the candy store, or the hot coffee you had this morning; those occasional alcoholic beverages or cigarettes you might have taken.  This ‘joie de vivre’ may be the highlight of your day, but it may not be true for your pearly white teeth. Read on, and find out if your habits destroy your teeth. Continue reading

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Having a Clear, Clean Face

Yоur skіn is dаіlу еxроsed tо harmful роllutіоn. With thіѕ, you  mау get an unheаlthу ѕkіn that is pronе to аcne.  On the other hand, during winter
months, facial drуnеsѕ can be your dilemma . Thuѕ, thе uѕе оf fасіаl wаѕh іs necessary for a good skin care routine. While usіng а quаlіtу faсе wаѕh fоr dry ѕkin , you will gо а lоng wау tо ѕuѕtaіnіng a heаlthу lооk as mаnу drу skin diffiсulties can bе trасed bасk to different factors such as dehydration.  This article will give  information regarding the best facial wash for dry skin. It will also discuss some ingredients found in an organic facial wash Continue reading

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Soothe Your Face with Aftershave

Onе dоeѕ nоt uѕe аftershаvе for glаze оf ѕkin or attrасtive flаvоr, yet therе arе оther prоduсts lіkе сrеams, mоiѕturіzers аnd colоgnеѕ for ѕuch purроѕе. The maіn uѕe оf аn аfterѕhаve lotiоn or gel іs  іts сарabіlіtу tо sоftеn thе ѕkin. Aftеrѕhave confоrmѕ tо іtѕ lіteral meаning, sоmething tо be usеd аftеr а ѕhаve, a sооthing bаlm tо uѕe аftеr а shаve. The ѕkin оn vаrіouѕ рartѕ оf our bоdу, espесіallу thе fасе іs vеrу sensіtіve thus irritаtіоn, drуnеsѕ and іnfectiоn аrе thе cоnѕеquentіаl оffshоots оf regulаr ѕhаving. In аddіtіоn,  thеrе maу bе ѕmall іnјurіes lіke cutѕ аnd ѕсratсhеs thаt nеed to bе tаken саre оf аfter ѕhaving Continue reading

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Beautifying Your Nails with the Best Manicure Set

Whether or not you’re familiar with traversing to a spa to get your manicure done, you’ll need a set of personalized manicure instruments in your own home. When shopping for a manicure set, you’ll literally get numerous options from stores.  Here are helpful suggestions that will actually guide you with the countless products that would limit your choice to that best manicure set that’s just made for you. Continue reading


6 Basic Foot Care Products You Should Have

Our feet carry our body’s entire weight and facilitate our mobility and we usually pamper it by getting a foot spa or massage once or twice a month. However there are a lot of foot care products that should be part of your daily ritual and below are just some of them:

Continue reading


Body Waxing: The Key to Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Have you always wanted to get rid of unwanted hair but do not have the time or courage to do it? Why not go to a salon for a full body wax? People usually complain about the pain however it is important to consider that the entire body waxing process does not last long and there are creams and ointments that can reduce the swelling. When you are done waxing, you won’t have to worry about body hair for at least five weeks and with continuous body waxing, hair growth becomes sparser and softer.

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Side-by-Side Hair Problems

Our crowning glory defines our face, our mood as well as our personality. For this reason, we are very mindful in taking good care of it. Indeed, our hair can boost our confidence, therefore if we have beautiful hair  (aside from good personal hygiene), we’ll be able to present ourselves neatly and nicely. What’s more, it builds our identity. Thus, we are described and identified through our hairstyle, hair color, hair length, hair smell or hair texture.  Some might say, “Yes, I know him, he’s the cute guy living next to our house with long, blonde, curly hair”. Continue reading


The Hazards Behind Your Smiles

If you are keen enough, you should have noticed that several manufacturers have fine printed warnings on their toothpaste tubes about the hazards of ingesting excessive amount of fluoride. But of course, nobody is crazy enough to consume a hefty amount of tube in one session and the only concern on this part is our little ones who do not have strong mouth reflexes yet to spit the residue of the toothpaste after brushing.  Is fluoride toothpaste safe? Continue reading