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Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

When you exercise less,  your body will experience sudden growth. This growth stretches your skin and the result is having fine lines in your buttocks and the insides of your arms and legs – these are stretch marks. Most women do not like how it sounds; but they detest how it looks even more. Thus, they find ways to remove these marks. Other causes of stretch marks are pregnancy and rapid weight loss. There are many ways to remove stretch marks that you can do at home. These tips will also help you save cost on cosmetics and clinical operations. Continue reading

acai berry

Acai Berry for A Healthier You

You cannot imagine that this small, round and purplish berry, similar to a grape has so much power. Just like a superhero, it can overcome all odds which you can consider as a perfect food. In the Rainforest of the Amazon, this palm tree that the natives identified as ica-ica (literally means, the fruit that cries) bears the acai berry. This wonder fruit can cure an endless list of bodily disorders and the best option to shed those extra pounds. Continue reading

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Beauty Dilemma during Winter Holidays

Christmas season, as we all know, is the most awaited holiday of all. Family gatherings and friendly reunions are done in various parts of the world to celebrate this particular holiday. But then again, there are several downsides during Christmas season, the hype, the panic and the number one adversary of all, the weather. Winter’s harsh winds are known to cause dry skin, chapped lips, and many others which women find infuriating. Knowing the right precautions on how to deal with these beauty problems would be of great help for women to enjoy the holidays. Continue reading

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Essential Skin Care: Hydrate, Exfoliate and Moisturize Skin

Who is the fairest of them all? The arena of beauty will select the fairest: a beautiful face and perfect figure packaged with a clear and clean skin. Some people are born with a so called “peaches and cream complexion” but for many,  it has to be worked on. Beauty experts shared their expertise by talking and writing about vital skin care…so today, having beautiful skin is no longer the monopoly of a few. Continue reading

wet wipes

Wonderful Works of Wet Wipes

Over the years, the demand for personal hygiene disposable products has widely increased. Due to busy lifestyles created by the combination of job-related pressures, rigorous daily activities and faster pace of life, a lot of people find it hard to stay fresh throughout the day. So if you’re looking for a way to freshen up and you’re on the go, grab a pack of wet wipes. Since the appeal of wet wipes has been of convenience and of ease of use, its portability enables all types of user to easily maintain or even raise their personal and environmental hygiene standards. Continue reading

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Weight Management after Pregnancy

Indeed, becoming pregnant is a fulfilling experience for she exudes the beauty of childbearing. However, after giving birth, the extra weight is still noticeable.  But do not worry, a mother can bring back her former figure gradually with the help of the useful tips given below.To all mothers, why don’t you get rid of those unwanted bulge now? First, try to stand in front of a mirror and look at your face, hands and ankles. Are they swollen? It might be the former weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid that had been replaced by a lot of fluid retention. This condition is the usual case and in less than 3 weeks, they are carried out through your urine and perspiration. So there is no reason to keep you from losing weight and getting back to your slim silhouette. Continue reading

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Tips for Glowing Skin during Pregnancy

All women who are in the stage of pregnancy want to have beautiful and glowing skin. However, this can sometimes be very impossible for many of these women since not every mother is blessed enough to have that kind of skin. Why? It is because of the inevitable hormonal changes. Apparently, various types of skin reactions are expected. As a matter of fact, during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, she is expected to have a skin break out or might develop an acne formation during the term.However, when pregnancy period is over, the skin will go back to its normal glow and beauty. This is not a surprising although these women might have experienced skin dryness or other unsightly skin issues during their early pregnancy period. Continue reading

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Basic Tips to Create Fascinating Pouting Lips

The lips of a woman is her asset. It is said that diamonds are girl’s best friend but her lipstick is her soul mate. Lips say a lot more than words, that’s why most women feel naked without lipstick. The recent IN lip fad this year are the pouting lips. Many women are imitating the pouting lips of Hollywood celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Do you know that in body language, pouting lips are signs of sulkiness or disapproval? But not so today, for pouting lips are beauty spots. Actually, if you are wearing lipstick or lip gloss fitted to you, you do not need to wear heavy make-up on the other parts of your face, especially if the lipstick creates beautiful pouting lips.  Thus, beautiful and sexy lips create impression and define the beauty of your face.

Continue reading

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Impressive Eyes with Eyelash Extensions

If you notice someone having long and flipped-up eye lashes that appear so glamorous, darker, beautiful and natural. For sure that person has discovered the beauty of eyelash extensions.If your eye lashes are skimpy, sparse and scanty, it reduces the beauty of the eyes in particular and the face in general. Well, gone are the days when your only remedy was to apply an eye mascara to thicken and lengthen your eyelashes. Today, you have eyelash extensions which are like hair extensions. Continue reading

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The StunningTruth about ABCD Fruits

The pursuit for good health is an eternal quest for man as evident in the never-ending researches and studies for food that gives good health. They are given top priority and finance with billions of dollars. Health is wealth and sought after more than fame, money and happiness. In-depth researches and invention of drugs and supplements are not the only option since fruits are all around you– serving as bearers of wellness and physical health. The ABCD fruits for health are: apples, bananas, cherries and durian Yes Durian! This is a propular fruit in Southeast Asian countries. Continue reading