Fine Hair Shampoo

Easy Tips For Choosing the Best Shampoo For Fine Hair.

One cannot choose the hair type they’re born with. There’s so many hair types. Thick and frizzy; Fine with oily roots; Normal hair but with dry ends, etc. etc. Having  a specific type plastered on top of your head for life almost feels like hitting the Jackpot. Like all hair, they get dirty, greasy and  require proper care and effort to look good. Fine hair in particular are extra tricky, especially when finding the right shampoo! Too dry and your comb breaks halfway while trying to do it’s job. Too moisturized and you’ll look like you just removed a helmet! Do you get frustrated when shuffling in between aisles, searching for the perfect shampoo for your fine hair when there’s so many on the shelves? Read on for these simple tips and never worry about buying the wrong type for your tresses.

Fine hair lacks in the diameter of the hair shaft, hence are smaller in size  and look lesser in amount when compared in same quantities with other hair types. Main complaints of  having fine hair include being susceptible to greasiness, looking flat and unlively, easy breakage, tangles uncontrollably and classically, achieving that flyaway hair look  with just the slightest sneeze. In short, fine hair must have clean roots for volume but at the same time, have adequately moisturized ends for that healthy shine and bounce.

1. Always Clear

Use only clear, translucent looking shampoo, not the milky, opaque types. Jelly looking shampoos tend to cause less silicone buildup in hair, resulting in shinier,lighter hair. There’s however less deposition of moisturizers in your hair which tends to weight hair down, but targeted moisturizing can be done by selectively applying light conditioners from half of the hair shaft towards the ends or using a hair serum afterwards to seal and lubricate hair shaft. Clean roots, soft ends. Clear enough?

2. Protein Power

Our hair and nails consists of the fibrous Keratin, which is essentially a type of protein. Wheat protein enriched formulas pack punches in bulking up fine hair. Aside from nourishing hair externally, these shampoos contain substances that adhere to our strands, making fine locks exist more well endowed than they really are. Look out for wheat protein, colloidal oat suspensions, plant fibers, silk proteins and protein peptides on shampoo labels.

3. Clarify Me

We can’t live without our gels, mousses, pastes and whatnot. But there’s always too much of a good thing. Our hair is delicate, even more so for fine hair. Like our skin, the cuticles on our hair will get clogged up with chemicals and fillers from styling products, making them heavy, limp and dull. Once in a while, revive using a clarifying shampoo that will clear away all the additives in your hair. But take extra measure to moisturize hair as these shampoos can be a little harsh.

4. Dry Clean Magic

Folks with fine hair often can’t resist washing their hair more often than usual. This is especially true for people with an oily scalp. No one wants to look like they’re made of grease. However, rigorous washing strips scalp and hair of oil, resulting  in greasier scalps because hair follicles would amp up on secretion to make up for the oil imbalance. Scalp irritations may also arise giving you dandruff or even hair loss. The constant dampness would also make your hair more vulnerable to breakage while the extra amount of heat used for drying would sizzle hair eventually. Instead of religious lathering, try dry shampoos that work by absorbing sebum at the roots and scalp, leaving the rest of your hair happy. Can’t find Dry Shampoo? Substitute with talc or baby powder.

5. Volume Vavavoom

What if you can’t find any shampoo for fine hair? Examine closely for VOLUME. Volumizing shampoos are the next best thing to shampoos made specifically with fine hair in mind. They provide lift, vitality, bounce and body. Volumizing shampoo being shampoo, work to cleanse our scalp of impurities, which is the main criteria in keeping fine hair happy anyway, with added perks.



No hair problems can be turned around by shampooing with the best shampoo alone. Fabulous, crowd stopping crowns of fine hair or not,  require an overall healthy lifestyle, constant maintenance and some knowledge of how the universe works. However, be it fine, frizzy, thick, wispy,colored, layered and crimped, nothing comes more important than clean, fresh hair. A few milliliters of sudsy goodness may not work miracles, but indulging in the correct shampoo certainly does help unleash the beauty in fine haired folks in the most amazing way.