Effective Ways to Maintain Youthful Skin

There is a much bigger pressure nowadays for people to maintain youthful skin.  It is not surprising why most people subject themselves to painful cosmetic procedures or buy expensive make-up to keep them looking youthful. Skin care is a booming industry because our lifestyles tend to become more complicated and unhealthy.  Constant exposure to the sun, pollution, chemicals, and cigarette smoke are the main culprit of ageing. Indeed it is impossible to stop the hands of time however when people in their mid twenties or early thirties are showing signs of premature ageing, it might be a cause for concern. Having youthful skin does not just gives you confidence; it is also your body’s way of telling you that your biological functions are doing well underneath all that flesh. Below are just some the simple and effective ways that you can start today to maintain a health, youthful skin.

Wear Sunscreen

“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” That was Mary Schmich’s sure advice in her famous article “Wear Sunscreen.” This tip is very basic for youthful skin however most of us take the protective power of sunscreen for granted. Sunscreen helps your skin mitigate the harmful effects of too much sun exposure by shielding you from cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.You are probably aware that sunlight not only causes dark spots and skin ageing, it also promotes the appearance of freckles and development of wrinkles.

You often see SPF level information on skincare products labels. Ever wonder what those numbers mean? It actually determines the duration of sunscreen effectiveness on your skin. To determine the right SPF, observe how long it would naturally take you to develop sunburn. If it is five minutes under the sun, then an SPF 15 lotion will shield your skin for about seventy –five minutes (5 minutes x 15 SPF). This is why constant sunscreen re-application is necessary if you have lighter or sensitive skin. Buy sunscreen lotion with cocoa butter, aloe vera and olive oil because these natural ingredients help you have soft, youthful skin.

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Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizers are not only for those who have dry, flakey skin. It is for everyone who wants their skin looking healthy and youthful. Skin loses its elasticity as you grow older because your oil glands stop being active.  Therefore, you need moisturizers to help retain as water at the outer layer of your skin to make it more supple and younger looking. Moisturizing products contain different levels and combinations of artificial and natural oils to suit different skin types so make sure to do some research first before purchasing. Knowing what you put on your skin will not only help you avoid breakouts, it will also help you avoid wasting money on ineffective products.  Just make sure that you buy those with SPF content to give you better protection against sunspots and wrinkles.

Give yourself a facial massage while applying moisturizers. This is an easy way to have a glowing, youthful skin. Massaging helps loosen the tension of your facial muscles and reduces the face’s puffiness by promoting blood circulation. It also helps build collagen and in some cases, tighten double chins.

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Take Antioxidants

The person who possesses the secret to eternal youth probably has the key to normalize our body’s level of free radicals.  Free radicals are a necessary part of our body’s metabolism. They occur naturally to fight off viruses and bacteria. However when our bodies are exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke, and herbicides free radicals multiply at a much faster rate to destroy the invading  pathogens and in the process damage even the healthy skin tissues. Free radicals are highly unstable and they attack the cell’s molecules to get their electron. The damaged molecule then becomes a free radical and invades another nearby molecule, starting a chain reaction that kills the cells which causes our skin to age. To stop these free radicals from going out of control, we have to take vitamin E and C capsules and eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  Make sure to regulate your intake of vitamins because there is no scientific proof that larger doses of these supplements are more potent. Instead focus on eating eight to ten serving of vegetables a day because these are more effective in anti oxidant absorption. Youthful skin is not just achieved with topical quick- fixes, it also entails knowing what you put inside your body.

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