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Energizing Foot Soak Recipes

Taking care of our body has always been a top priority for many. However, with the busy schedule we tend to delay pampering ourselves and getting that much needed relaxation and rejuvenation. One of the most deprived pampering in our body is our feet, but ironically these are the most abused. Our feet carry our weight when we walk, run and even stand. We can walk and run a long distance while wearing uncomfortable shoes or very high heels. The condition of the road we walked in can even be rocky or unpaved. Nonetheless, we need to take care of our feet and pamper them once in a while, since these can bring us to places we’ve never been or places we wish to go to.

There are different ways and methods to pamper and take care of our feet. We can just visit any spa or salon and they would definitely have treats available for your feet. However, a trip to the salon or spa can be expensive. The budget-conscious consumers will definitely pass on going to a spa just to have an expensive foot treatment.

An alternative to going to salons and spas would be purchasing ready-made foot soaks that can be used at home. These products are available in the market and there are different varieties to choose from. This can be cheaper when compared to a treatment from a spa or salon, but the only downside is that you are not sure whether the ingredients in these products are natural and if they can cause any harmful side effects.

For the health and budget conscious consumer, you can always create your own homemade foot soaks. Foot soaks can be very relaxing especially after a long tiring day. This can be a good treat for your tired and aching feet after a whole day of carrying your weight and taking you to places.

These are the different homemade foot soak recipes that you can easily try at home. The water temperature will depend on your preference, most of the time the warmer the water, the better because it can truly relax your feet and increase the blood circulation. Adding flowers and smooth river rocks at the bottom of the tub or basin is also relaxing since you can rub your feet on the stones.

The simplest homemade foot soak is a basin of warm water. Soaking your feet in this basin provides a relaxation to your tired and sore feet. You can also add other things that can provide added benefits such as moisturizing your feet and making them feel softer. There are also ingredients that you can use to remove the toxins from your body.

Detoxifying Homemade Foot Soak

This homemade foot soak contain Epsom salts that are known for its detox properties. This salt is made from magnesium sulfate which is a mineral that can calm the nervous system.

What you need:


Epsom salts                                        1 cup


Olive oil or almond oil                     1/3 cup

Castile soap                                        1 tablespoon

Pure essential oil (Peppermint) 6 drops

Foot Soak

Warm water       3 quarts

Epsom salt          ¼ cup

What to do:

Mix in the warm water and the Epsom salt in a basin. Soak your feet for a good 15 minutes.

Mix in all the ingredients for the mixture. You can do this ahead of time. After soaking your feet in warm water, scrub them using the mixture that you mixed. Rinse well and dry your feet.

This homemade foot soak plus scrub is ideal to use to relax your feet, soften them and draw out the harmful toxins from your body. The peppermint essential oil is used to invigorate you.

Energizing Foot Soak

Coffee is a good drink that can give you a jump start to your day and feel energized, but did you know that adding it to your foot soak recipe can also make you feel energized?

What you need:

Brewed black coffee      2 cups

Warm water                       1 tub

What to do:

This recipe is very simple first you need to brew two cups of coffee, do not use instant coffee. Once you have the brewed coffee, you can now add it in to your warm water. Make sure your water is not too hot to avoid any accidents. Now soak your feet and be energized with this simple homemade foot soak recipe.

You can even experiment and add your favorite essential oils to your foot soak. If you want to be relaxed and calm, you can add lavender or chamomile. Milk is also a good ingredient especially if you are looking for ways to moisturize your tired feet.