Enticing Face without Acne

There are few things that you can do to make sure that your skin is well fed with all the nutrition and proper care it all needs to have the ability to bounce away skin disorders and problems.  Below are the basic things that you can do: Having a smooth and beautiful skin is one of the most rewarding thing each person can have specially if you frequently meet with people for work or simply going out to see the world, it is just normal for each person to have that hidden yet deliberate desire to have an enticing look.

Thinking about it, you would also realize that having a good skin requires a little bit of effort and contribution from yourself specially if you have that type of skin that easily reacts to most external elements that may either contribute to your skin’s deterioration or help the skin for better (which happens to have 2 to 3 percent possibility only).One of the many manifestations of having an obvious skin problem is “acne” that may range from mild to severe conditions, but knowing about this skin problem, it does not really matter if you have a mild or severe condition because both of them will cause skin damages and slight psychological effects.  That is why, it is important for you to know how to avoid acne or at least how to minimize the damage it can cause to your skin in the long run.Thus, in order for you to do so, it is just necessary for you to understand what causes the breakout of acne.

Triggering Factors for Acne

Acne (acne vulgaris or cystic acne) may occur specially during the adolescence and it may stretch its duration even up to adulthood.  Nobody is excuse when it comes to adolescent period. During this stage, the production of testosterone may go from adequate to extremely active and the skin is always the first one to show chemical reaction through several skin problems and acne is just one of the many in the list.  Though, you must keep in mind that there are other known triggering factors for acne to surface on your skin as well, it can also be triggered due to allergic reactions to food (mostly seafood), weather conditions, chemicals from environmental pollution either on air or water for drinking or bathing.


 Things to Watch For

(Take note that all these information is not a medical advice but based on research made by some skin experts and from some individuals with pre-existing skin conditions.)


It is a sad thing to be allergic to seafood and nobody can deny the fact that it is one of the delectable munchies everyone will ever have to enjoy in his or her lifetime.  Ironically, seafood exhibits most natural chemicals and enzymes that triggers reaction to almost 40 to 45 percent of the world’s population.  If you have been diagnosed to have allergy to seafood, it is best for you to avoid them or if you cannot really resist (which is totally understandable) it is best for you to seek an advise from your Dermatologist or Family Doctor in order for you to know that steps to take when allergic reactions occur or at least get a prescription for preventive medication. This way, you can be sure that you are ready to neutralize any skin irritation that may occur.


Whether for drinking, bathing, or simply cleansing your face, it is important that you know how safe your supply of water is.  Water usability is a usual issue specially in highly urbanized areas such as big cities and industrialized towns and districts as there is a very big chance that some harmful chemicals may find a way to mix with the water supply used by the region’s residents.  The skin is very sensitive to chemicals as it absorbs almost anything in contact.  Aside from noticeable skin rashes to acne, some skin discoloration is also observed to those people who have been using contaminated water.

 Unnecessary Chemicals

You have to understand that your skin needs to have some breathers as well, this is true specially for women who are required to wear makeup everyday and  remove them at the end of the day.  Keeping things simple is always the way to go if you want to keep a healthy skin and dumping all the chemicals there can be in the market of vanity is the surest way to destroy your skin’s natural defense against infections and other skin problems.

 What You Ought to Do?

  • Consult your trusted Dermatologist.

  • This way, you will be guided on things that you should avoid such food, chemicals, and even activities that may trigger your skin’s deterioration and lose all its ability to fight off infection against bacterial and viral infection that may cause acne and all other skin problems
  • Drink plenty of  clean water.

Make it a point that you drink pure and distilled water to minimize the chance of taking contamination inside your body out to your skin, it is understandable that this idea may be too costly for some, this is when the importance of making sure that the supply of water in your area is safe enough for daily use and consumption.

  • Consume more veggies


Doing this will not only promote good skin but this will also boost your immune system.  Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are known to help skin because of the amino acid or vitamin C and E  (which are the most basic class of anti oxidants).