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Fashion Trends for 2012

The year 2011 already left us, and as we have changed our calendars for the New Year, new trends in beauty and fashion emerge. Fashion experts say that this year will not totally rid of influences from the trends of 2011. This year’s trends will still incorporate certain elements from the past with certain additions and new themes. For this year’s winter fashion, designs and colors are influenced by the autumn/fall trend of 2011. Our wardrobe will revolve around this era of fashion. Let us try to find out what fashion gurus and beauty experts say about the 2012 trends.

 The 2012 Winter Fashion Trend

The 2011 autumn/fall collection is highly defined by the 70’s look. Wide-leg pants, flares and rough punk-biker outfits are the looks from which we build our winter wardrobe. But we have to remember to take this theme and make it more sophisticated, sexy, and sleek for the modern era. Combining a 70’s piece with a more modern piece (jacket or boots) gives it the twist and the sophistication it needs. Also making it big this year are bold patterns, vibrant colors and radical shapes. These colors and patterns that seem to “pop out” will also be seen trending for 2012.


2012’s Summer Sailor and Satin Finish

2012 is not the end of stripes and nautical ensemble. Navy blues, anchors, stripes, navy inspired accessories would be seen trending for this year. Metallic, satin finish and rich colors  would also be big players in fashion for 2012. Summer clothing such as lingerie and swimwear would be defined by these rich colors and satins. Green would also be the new red; greens such as eucalyptus would come out very strong for this season. Intimate clothing and designs for summer apparel are inspired by nature, from shape to color.

Aside from greens, pastel colors that are toned down are also making their way into this year’s fashion scene. Pastel colors strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mocha will be given a toned down “milkshake hue” and this is forecast to being the color trends for swimwear and accessories.

Tribal patterns and motifs are also seen a strong trend for 2012. Accessories, garments, and clothes that follow this motif would complete the season’s look. Aside from that accessories with metals and jewels would also come out strong and chic.

 Tribal Spring

2012 would be inspired by prints from mother Africa.  Bold prints and accessories with tribal motifs come strong for this year. In this year’s spring, we would also see more shapes when it comes to bags and other accessories. Deviating from its usual shapes, we will see bags in shapes of squares, cylinders, circles and rectangles. Perforated leather in designs that reflect ingenious and chic will also come strong for this season.


Hairstyles for 2012

Defining hairstyles for this year are two words: evolution and revival. The iconic hairstyles of this century would be given a touch of modernism. Here are some of the trending hairstyles for 2012 and the corresponding look they complete.


70’s are Long and Bouncy – as said earlier this year is about revival and a modern touch. For those with long hair, this style would perfectly fit for this year. Long and bouncy hair which is the iconic look of the 70’s would be a trend for 2012; this look would also fit most of the design trends for this year. Long, bouncy relaxed curves define this style with elegance.


Laid back homemade curls – soft, laid back curls is also a strong trending look for 2012. This gives a relaxed laid back look that defines this year.


French twist – this is a classic look that once again comes out for this year.


Ponytail loop – instead of just an ordinary bun or ponytail, this year we see a ponytail looped and folded under. This gives a casual and easy look. This hairstyle would complete the spring look for this year.


The Bridgette Bardot Hairstyle – it’s classic yet sexy, and though it is seen as a 2011 trend, this year is not scathed from this look.


A bouncy wave with Side Pin – a classic look of the 40’s, this hairstyle eradicates the androgyny and brings back a girl’s full charm. This hairstyle well fits the spring outfits for this year.