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Hair Extension for Short-haired Women

Every short-haired woman’s dream for longer hair becomes a reality with the creation of hair extensions. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the longer the hair, the better. Don’t forget that Lady Godiva saved her modesty covered with her long hair while horse riding bare to get what she wanted for her people from the king (incidentally, she was married to the king). In fairy land, Rapunzel descended the tower using only her long hair. Although these are too far-fetched comparison, but today, long hair is possible for short-haired women. There are now hair extensions for short hair fulfilling the dream for every short-haired woman. Hair extensions completely transform the way a person looks with the most becoming hair style. Hair extensions are methods of adding commercial hair to natural hair not only to increase the hair length but also to conceal thinning hair and hair loss in specific areas. From the scientific point of view, long hair plays an important role in the natural selection especially in the animal kingdom. Long, thick and healthy hair signifies fertility and youth. It also reveals a female’s potential productivity. But it is nature that determines who will be endowed with flowing, capacious and vibrant hair so no amount of prayers and dancing under the moon will remedy the situation. Long hair is a hairstyle and you can have one overnight. Every short-haired woman can make use of hair extension which is the best method to get her the long hair she has always desired.

Hair extension comes from human hair, horse hair and synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres are either Kanekalon or Toyokalon made from different brands. Synthetic hair is economical and available in a wide array of colours from the natural to the weird; but it is sensitive and cannot withstand hot temperature, straightening and curling.  Human hair is more expensive, comes in different grades and points its ethnic origin whether from China, India and other Asiatic destinations. Since it is not sensitive, it can withstand heat, straightening and curling.

Here are benefits of hair extension which every short-haired woman and for those with thinning and losing hair can participate:

  • Makes you look great: sexier, more feminine and more revitalized;
  • Is reversible as it is easy to take hair extensions out when not needed;
  • Gives you the long hair you have always desired;
  • Provides you any hair length with desired volume;
  • Creates a younger, healthier and more vibrant you;
  • Offers unlimited style possibilities;
  • Changes your look without commitment to a certain hair style;
  • Protects the natural hair from the daily stress of everyday styling;
  • Grants long locks instantly. No need to wait for hair to grow; and
  • Increases the individual’s self esteem.

There are standard classifications of hair extension for every short-haired woman. Classify hair by color; the lower the number stated in the package, the darker the color. Number one is black while the highest is either white or very light colored blond. Texture of artificial hair is so variable. It can be very straight to extremely curly or kinky. Examples of package texture are – Silky Straight as East Asian hair; Yaki is the relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair; European Straight is straight but with the tiniest amount of wave; Deep Wave looks like a spiral wave; Romance wave is the looser version of deep wave; Jheri Curl is very short length; Wet and Waxy is also referred to as Spanish or Indian Wave and Feather Luxe attaches long feathers to hair. Quality of the hair can be Virgin hair which indicates that the hairs has never been coloured or processed in any way; Remy uses all human hair plus all of the strands are strictly organized with roots in one direction and tip at the opposite side; and Double drawn are collected hair of certain length with as many strands at one end as the other and appears thicker. The process is complicated making this type of extension very expensive.

Every short-haired woman must follow these tips to care for hair extension. Shampooing of hair extension is like shampooing real hair but the use of mild shampoo or a wig shampoo is recommended. Use only cool water to reduce or prevent matting and excessive tangling. Learn the most advisable methods of brushing, combing and drying. The texture of the hair purchased should be the style in wearing the hair. Avoid using heat of curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer as it will surely damage the hair. You have the option to highlight your hair. Hair extensions are able to cover split ends to make your hair look healthy. Every short-haired woman wearing extension will give her hair time to grow on its own. The cost of hair extensions vary depending on these factors: quality of the hair, length of the hair, cost of professional styling service and salon appointments.

Getting hair extension will give the life of every short-haired woman the results that are beyond her expectations.