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Holiday Dieting Essentials

The holidays are a special time for all. You get to reunite with your relatives and friends, you get to exchange gifts with your loved ones, and of course, you get to enjoy the food. Unfortunately, like everything else, too much of something is not good for you. Therefore, you should keep your health in mind because it’s easy to go overboard. Since it is difficult to ignore the delectable delicacies on top of the table, we should have a conscious effort to check our health and diet in various artistic and enjoyable ways. Keep reading:

Below are ten (10) pointers on how to keep your health in check this holiday season:

1. Wear Tight Fitting Clothes.

If you have some issues controlling your holiday behaviors, you might want to consider wearing some tight fitting clothes. This is to somehow prevent you from splurging on food.

2• Hang with the kids.

While all the adults are circling the food table, it would be better if you spend time with the children. Since kids are more active than the adults, more or less, their energy and playfulness can help distract you from food.

 3• Appoint yourself as the activity director.

Take the lead in suggesting non-eating activities that your family and friends can do together.For sure, you could help think of some other ways to celebrate throughout the day than just relying on food. Try playing board games or parlor games wherein all ages can participate.

 4• Be helpful anywhere but in the kitchen.

This is a tough one, especially if you’re at your in-laws’ house. Since it’s relatively easy to nibble something when you’re preparing food, you can volunteer to do other duties such as cleaning up, setting the table, being bartender, running errands — anything that doesn’t concern food.

 5• Moderation is key.

Limit yourself to one plate and a couple of desserts. You should neat a month’s worth of food just because it’s the holidays. This season should never be an excuse to let gluttony get the best of you.

 6• Think before you eat.

If you’re on a diet, try to remember how hard you’ve worked to lose weight. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to gain ten pounds than it is to lose ten pounds. You can rarely burn off more calories than you’re capable of putting inside of you when you’re on a binge.

 7• Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

While you may be tempted to be tough on yourself during other times of the year, the holidays are a time you should allow for some relaxation from the strict behavior. Don’t try to get through the entire evening without enjoying any of the food. The “starvation diet” only works for so long until you fail and over-consume. Don’t kick yourself if you ‘accidentally’ go wild for the day. You should learn how to move on. If in case you overdo, do not allow this eating behavior to flow over into the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Just remind yourself that you will try harder next time. Don’t be tempted to just give up and continue the poor-eating habits. Remember that “it’s when you have many bad days in a row that you can ruin a good diet plan”.

 8• Enjoy the company, the conversation, the abundance of great things in your life.

Try to make those your focus instead of bothering how much food you can get onto your plate. Eat slowly, savor the flavors, and drink plenty of water. After the big meal, try to motivate the rest of the people to go for a walk or play a game – anything other than just flopping, overfed, onto the couch. If no one is interested, make yourself busy by helping with the clean-up.

 9• Avoid Alcohol & Soda.

This is easier said than done for some! But if you can’t avoid these completely, at least don’t overindulge. Water down wine and go for diet versions of any drinks.

 10• Give and Share.

If you are hosting the party, send your guests home with the remaining food on the table. Send away the leftover pies and desserts, etc. This way you won’t have to eat the leftover food for the rest of the week.

Holidays are difficult times for fitness-minded people. They are so tied in to food as an integral part of the holiday. But we have to remember to enjoy the company and get-together, rather than focusing solely on what food to eat. Being with your extended family and friends is a treasure, so savor it.