How to Fake a Perfect Smile.

How does it feel when you’re rushing about minding your own business, zipping through the unapologetic crowd and suddenly, out of all that chaos, a stranger gives you an aesthetically pleasing smile? Of course there’s a bit of creepiness to it, but I’m sure it will be preceded by a warm feeling of fuzziness and appreciation. Never underestimate the power of a good smile. That may not be the case however, if the stranger had nasty teeth or crusty, unhealthy looking lips. People actually do judge you by your smile without actually realizing it.

People complain, not everyone is born with a good smile. Well, gone were the old days where every thing was up to the genetic lottery. Depressed about not hitting the jackpot? Feeling less than confident about your smile? Today, nothing can’t be done without technology. A better smile? A perfect smile? Here is what you can do.

The three most important criteria for a good smile would be good teeth, nice lips and sincerity. Sincerity comes from within, a genuine feeling of happiness, contentment and positiveness. Being appreciative of things around you. That, you can work on without too much difficulty. But teeth and nice lips however requires a bit of effort.


What comes to mind when “A Good Set of Teeth” is mentioned? 2 rows of straight tidy teeth? Pearly white teeth? Shiny teeth?  Cute bunny teeth, or Madonna’s Gap for a touch of individuality?

The answer is simpler than you think. Clean Teeth. When your teeth is clean, alignment will be secondary, teeth will have shiny surfaces, and your gums will not look red, angry and inflamed. Our teeth can’t be naturally white, but it’s not as yellow as you think it is. As long as everyone with normal dentition is keeping their hygiene at bay, good teeth is achievable. It just takes a suitable toothbrush, toothpaste, proper brushing technique, floss, discipline and good communication with your dentist.


I understand now, hardly anyone wants to be “just average”.  To amp up your clean teeth, you can opt for Orthodontics for perfect straight teeth and bleaching after that for bedazzling teeth that’s a few shades brighter. These procedures however come with their own controversies and are best left to be discussed with your dentist. Other ways include porcelain veneers, which are tooth shaped porcelain caps made to be worn over your own tooth to correct the shade, shape and other flaws. Cosmetic dentistry is nothing uncommon now, but always checkout the price tag before jumping into the trend because it can be quite costly.

Moving on,


Lips are made of skin. But they’re much more fragile and susceptible to the changes in weather, humidity, environment and your health. Like teeth, lips are highly individual and comes in different shapes, thickness, color and size. Fortunately, maintaining attractive lips are much easier.

Healthy lips with a pop of color are sure signs or attraction.

For basics, keep lips moisturized.Moisturized lips look plump, healthy and appealing. This can be done by removing the dead skin cells on your lips gently with a piece of wet cotton or a soft toothbrush. After the gentle exfoliation (please remember the word GENTLE!) follow up with a lip treatment, lip balm or good old Vaseline to seal in the moisture and also to maintain softness. Try to drink more water as well for hydration from within.

Being lucky, we now have an array of lip color products. Lipstick, lip gloss, lips stains, colored lip balms, lip liners.

Lip color are like outfits for your lips. Different shades convey different messages to others. So do textures. Let us start out with color. There are two main groups, neutral pinks and browns and bolder shades. Neutral colors are colors designed to mimic the your original lip color but with extra oomph. They give you that my-lips-but-better feeling and instantly adds effortless chic to your beauty routine. Like they say, less is more. Neutral shades will NEVER go out of style and will always be handy for sudden outings or days when you don’t feel like dressing up too much. Like a Little Black Dress, every girl HAS to have one. Look for rose colored or warm pinks. They tend to suit most people.

Vibrant colors on the other hand indicates that a person is fun, vibrant, quirky, stands out and not afraid of being different. Bright lip colors have been all over the runways for the past few seasons. Popular colors include fuchsia, corals, warm reds, bright pinks and colors with slight tangerine tones. These colors really do light up your whole face and outfit, but be sure to keep the rest of your makeup simple so nothing looks too chaotic.


As for textures, there are again two main types, matte and glossiness. Matte formulations are shine free. Colors are usually solid and stand out clearly on the lips. It looks sophisticated, glamorous, mature, feminine and classic.



Whereas for glossy shinier textures, lips look plumper, fuller and more youthful, and has been favored by a much younger crowd. But whatever texture or lip color you choose, always keep lips moisturized so they’ll be absence of lines which will be amplified by lip color. Well moisturized lips also aids lip color to adhere longer with fewer touch ups.


Still don’t feel confident with your smile? Draw the attention away from your lips by putting emphasis on your eye makeup, great skin or or some funky accessories and outfit ensemble. The key is confidence. When a person is confident, they glow naturally.

A smile is the simplest and I daresay, the most effective accessory there is a person can have. Take good care of yourself, and smile, because you smiling makes the world a much better place.