Is Keratin Treatment Formaldehyde free?

Hairstyling continues to be one of the leading causes of dried out and damaged locks. Getting dry hair may not be the cause of panic compared to having frizzy or falling hair.  On the other hand, the dryness may even cause much more damage eventually and you will then just get more frustrated each day. To rid yourself concerning these unlovable strands, you need to seek out for an effective way to deal with dry hair. Significantly, attaining much popularity these days is the keratin hair treatment for dry hair.  Is Keratin Treatment Formaldehyde free?

 What makes my hair dry?

Take note that the frequent and recurrent utilization of hair blowers or hair irons may only give a temporary glow in your hair and may eventually go back to normal after washing your hair. What definitely seems to be not noticeable in the beginning may be the gradual damage of these electric hair tools. Consequently, the shine starts to fade and you will notice it as soon as your locks are already dried out and unmanageable.


What can I do about my dry hair?

Several hair treatment options are naturally offered in beauty salons.  Thus, whenever you are in selected beauty stores, there are massive do-it-yourself solutions to your dry hair dilemma.  Of course, hot oil is among the most popular aside from hair wax and other remedies.  On the other hand, keratin hair treatment became a renowned approach to deal with dry locks.

 What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is considered a natural substance.  It is the protein usually found on your nails, hair, skin as well as teeth.  Shiny hair can be the result of sufficient amount of keratin present in each strand of hair. As soon as your hair becomes drier and damaged, the adequate amount of keratin substance is taken away, allowing your hair to look dull and lifeless.  Essentially, in order for you to restore the shine of your hair, keratin hair treatment can be alternatively done. This treatment helps make your hair strands become fuller and stronger. The actual keratin bonds are also confined inside the strands because the treatment apparently protects the outer layer of your locks. In case the protein has been trapped within your hair, the natural luster will come out distinctly as the oil of hair does its purpose of providing your hair a smooth, silky as well as shiny look. What’s more, the specific keratin hair treatment eventually locks-in the hair cuticle along with the essential compounds making your hair appear stronger, manageable as well as tangle free.

Any type of hair treatment is most effectively achieved with the aid of a professional. It ought to be practiced in beauty salons where the right treatment procedures and equipment are readily available. Prior to this particular hair remedy, the beauty expert ought to give you the right details and give information about the course of treatment, side-effects and period of its effectiveness.


Do all Keratin Treatment procedures contain formaldehyde?

The keratin treatment approach likewise contains chemicals such as formaldehyde. The actual formaldehyde elongates the potency of the hair treatment therefore making it higher priced as well. Thus it is a harmful chemical substance that is considered to be one of the causes of cancer. Some manufacturers made keratin formula that claim to end up being without any harmful component nevertheless regarded as less effective compared to the one containing it.


Formaldehyde-free treatment may let your scalp feel tingly but will never irritate your scalp. One revolutionary process that shines, softens, straightens as well as makes your hair wholesome and healthy is the Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment. It permeates your hair by repairing and protecting against further damage. The outcome would be silky hair that is not chemical-based.  It restructures your hair while improving its natural glow.

Made up of Keratin liquid, this so called Brazilian Keratin treatment can be applied even to previously bleached, colored, permed, hair and can be able to treat dry, curly, frizzy, damaged hair.  It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and claimed to be safe for children 6 years and older. This formaldehyde-free treatment will not in any way use powerful chemicals to spread out as well as shut the hair in an attempt to straighten up. It does not split the bonds from the hair shaft such as most straighteners do. Keratin is actually an element which includes approximately eighty-eight percent of your locks. Thus, this specific keratin treatment is not really permanent. The effect normally fades away and the curl or wave will progressively return in about two to three months.

On the other hand, your hair will remain soft, shiny as well as healthy looking especially if it is properly maintained. The treatment also helps make your hair pretty manageable. The greater you do the keratin treatment, the greater condition your hair gets.


How can I maintain my Keratin-treated hair?

In order to keep up the beauty of your keratin treated hair, it is vital for you to use a specific hair shampoo along with keratin rich conditioner. These products must have been offered in the particular salon in which you got your treatment.  Likewise, you can directly ask the hair professional so that she may recommend some products available in beauty shops. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t wash your hair for 72 hours after the procedure in order to lock the keratin substance within the strands. Moreover, you ought to avoid putting headbands, ponytails or even usage of hair accessories especially after the treatment for a couple of days.


What can I expect after the Keratin treatment?

Keratin treatments can typically last for a period of 5 to 6 months only. Thus, an additional treatment might be applied again afterwards. You should also be aware about the possible side effects of the treatment. It is without a doubt that your hair will be straight as well as smooth immediately after the procedure.   However, after a couple of months, there could possibly be changes regarding your hair color.