Smiling Lips

Pearly White Teeth, Perfect Smile Indeed!

A beautiful smile is ruined when it reveals yellowish unhealthy teeth.  In essence, a bright gleaming white smile is the epitome of beauty and wellness. Celebrities are aware of the importance of pearly white teeth that is one of the reasons why they look younger and more appealing. Just because you are not a celebrity does not mean that you do not deserve a perfect set of teeth. You have the opportunity to own one by doing a regular , easy regimen.

First of all, your teeth are not really completely white but as you grow older, then tend to become yellowish and darker. They may even appear crack because the surface of the enamel tends to crack and erode which exposes the dentine. Since the dentine is porous, your teeth absorb more food colors and pigmentation. Thus, the stain develops into plaque and builds up tartar on the teeth.

Here are some guidelines on how to maintain pearly white teeth:

1. You can use a lemon juice as whitener, but after using,  rinse you mouth thoroughly with water then brush with fluoride toothpaste 20 minutes later when enamel has hardened.

2. Once every two weeks, brush your teeth using salt and baking soda; but do not scrub your  teeth very hard as the enamel will wear down.

3.Eradicate or limit  the consumption of cigarette, coffee, cola, red wine, tobacco and anything that stains the teeth.

4. Brush teeth after every meal, if possible using electric toothbrush as this is a good way of removing at least 98% of plaque. Mouth wash with antibacterial ingredient dissolves plaque and removes stains. Do not brush too hard as you strip off enamel on the surface.

5. If brushing teeth after every meal is difficult then try chewing gum as it removes the debris in between teeth and produces saliva. Gums containing Sorbitol has therapeutic anti bacterial action killing decay causing bacteria.

6. The presence of saliva in the mouth will neutralize the acid and remineralise the enamel making the teeth stronger.

7. Rinse the mouth with water after every meal if brushing and chewing gum is impossible. Water washes away and dilutes the damage. If you are in a bathroom, let some water swirl around your mouth.

8. Eat more crunchy fruits and veggies as apples, carrots, celery, peppers and radishes. The gentle rubbing action while chewing crunchy fruits and veggies cleanses the teeth without causing damage. Do not stress yourself as it causes you to grind your teeth automatically which will crack the teeth and biting edges to darken. When you feel stress, relax by listening to soft music and watching beautiful scenery.

9. To whiten teeth, use tooth bleaching for the enamel. Secure a dental tooth whitening kit that contains hydrogen peroxide. This is safe to use as the hydrogen peroxide is buffered. There are devices in the kits such as trays and strips which reduce the tissues exposure to the peroxide.

10. For teeth seriously darkened and stain, your dentist will suggest a veneer. A veneer is made of porcelain that is attached to the surface of your teeth with durable cement. Veneer is customized according on the shape and color of your teeth. The application is painless and the veneer will last from 7 to 10 years.

11.Bonding is another process to cover discolored tooth surface. The dentist applies a tooth-colored plastic resin to the tooth that is then  sculpted to the proper shape.

12. In laser bleaching, the dentist uses a laser to apply whitening gel to the teeth. The laser light activates the crystals to absorb the energy from the light and get into the enamel increasing its lightening effect of the teeth. This is the most expensive but the quickest remedy.

There are many options to have pearly teeth for a perfect smile. Use the natural method by regular brushing and avoid sweet, acidic and staining food. Be careful in using house remedies.On top of that, dentist is still the one that gives the soundest advice.