tea bag for eye bags

Quick Fix for Eye Bags using Stuff in Your Home

Eye bags are one of the most dreaded effects of aging and stress to your body. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it is hard not to notice the bulge or dark rings below your eyes. People who you talk with will certainly notice those too. Having eye bags doesn’t make you feel or look good so at their very first signs, you start to find out how to remove them. But before going to the quick fix, let us see first what causes eye bags.

Eye bags are primarily caused by aging.

When you get older, the skin ligaments under your eyes become less elastic and less capable of holding the fat and the fluids.

Your lifestyle heavily affects your eyes too.

Staying up late often will get your eyes tired; smoking blocks your body passages, making your skin dry. By knowing the causes, you will have a general idea on how to prevent having eye bags. Quick fixes for eye bags do not require much money. You just have to look for the ingredients in your fridge.

The following are the most popular home remedies that will remove the puffiness of your eyes, so read on.

  • Put a spoon in the fridge and let it chill for a few minutes. When the spoon is cold enough, press it on your eyelids. Leave it there for a few minutes and the redness and swelling of your eyes will be reduced. You can repeat the procedure, if you were not able to get the desired effect on your first try.
  • Make two slices of cucumber and put it on your closed eyes for ten minutes. Chilled cucumber will bring the most desirable effects. This method is as effective as putting the chilled spoon, only that you get to have additional protection from the fruit’s natural enzymes. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties, that is why it is often used for cosmetics.
  • Another best home remedy is putting on used tea bags on your closed eyes. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants. It can dispel toxins both from your insides as well as from the outside. If tea bags are not available, you can dip cotton balls into a tea brew and put it on your closed eyes.
  •  You can also use ice cold water to reduce the plumpness of your eyes. You can splash it on your face early in the morning or dip cotton balls in a bowl of ice cold water and put it on your eyes. Leave it for a few minutes and open your eyes to a wonderful result. Of course, doing just the quick fixes will not suffice to totally eliminate eye bags. Actually you can prevent them from coming back by following the tips below.

The best and the easiest ways on how you can prevent eye bags from coming back.

  •  Because eye bags are attributed to having inadequate sleep, reverse your sleeping habits. Go to bed early and get 7 – 8 hours of restful sleep. Doing this regularly will help you remove your eye bags in no time. In line with this, use extra pillows to elevate your head when you sleep. Your head should be positioned higher than any part of your body so that fluids does not collect under your eyes during your sleep.
  •  Another effective way of preventing eye bags is watching your diet. Start reducing your salt intake today. Salt has the capability to store fluids and the more you have it, the larger your eye bags may become.
  • You may also take less caffeine. Coffee may interfere with your sleeping habits so try to drink fewer cups a day. If you love coffee too much, you may switch to decaf.
  • In case your quick fixes and preventive measures did not work, you may purchase a commercially available eye cream. Read the label to know its contents. Products that use natural ingredients will help you get rid of eye puffiness without harmful side effects. The eyes are sensitive so you must use the mildest product. Getting rid of eye bags does not have to be expensive or harmful. Just be patient at the beginning and keep in mind to keep your eyes from harm.