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Remove Your Makeup Naturally

Make-up are essential items for most women, they can never leave home undone and without their fancy make-up kit. It is no wonder that women love to wear make-up since these beauty items are made to enhance the natural beauty of a person by covering the flaws and revealing the good parts. For example, make-up concealers are created to conceal the flaws of a woman’s face. This make-up is usually applied under the eyes to hide the dark circles and this is also applied in blemishes such as pimple marks and dark spots. The mascara on the other hand is a make-up that enhances the eyelashes of a woman, making it appear darker, fuller and curled.

Make-up can become daily essentials for women who have jobs that require them to look great all the time such as modeling. However, no matter how great make up is on a woman, there are still some disadvantages when you use them. One it can clog your pores and may cause irritation that can result to pimples. That is why it is very important to remove the make-up from your face and wash it clean before you sleep. This is a good way to prevent any unlikely outcome of using make-up.

Washing your face with soap and water is not enough to remove make-up from your face. There are several make-up removers that are available in the market, and these products are developed to ensure that make-up will be totally removed. Most make-up removers are even designed to remove make-up from the face, lips and eyes. However, most make-up removers are expensive and contain chemical ingredients that may irritate and infect your skin.

An alternative to the commercially produced make-up removers is the homemade make-up remover that does a great job in removing make-up, plus it is also made from natural ingredients. You can be assured that your face will be free from make-up and stays healthy.

Making your own homemade make-up remover is very simple and easy.

The most common make-up remover is milk.

You can easily remove make-up from your face by applying milk to a cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball on your face to remove make-up and wash it off with water. Another dairy product that you can use is yogurt. Just whisk yogurt and apply it on your face. Yogurt has bleaching properties that can clear your complexion as it cleans your face.

Certain oils can also remove make-up from your face and even improve your skin.

Olive oil is an ideal make-up remover for the eyes since it can break down clumps of mascara and eyeliner. This oil can also strengthen your eyelashes.

These are some of the natural ingredients that you can use as is to remove make-up from your face. Here are some of the homemade make-up remover recipes that contain several ingredients that can remove make-up and refresh your skin.

Milk Cucumber Make-Up Remover

What you need:

Cucumber           1 piece

Milk                       ½ cup

What to do:

Peel the cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Place the cucumber in a blender and paste it. Separate the liquid and the residue by pouring the cucumber paste into a strainer. Pour the cucumber paste in a pan and add ½ cup milk and simmer the mixture for 10 minutes.

How to use it:

Soak a cotton ball to the milk cucumber make-up remover and apply it on your face to remove make-up. Rinse the mixture with water.

Cucumber and milk are natural products that are great for the skin. This mixture can help remove make-up from your face and at the same time helps to soften your face. You can prepare a larger amount of this mixture and store it in the refrigerator which can last for one week.

Natural Oils Make-Up Remover

Most of the commercially produced make-up removers in the market contain oils that make it easy to remove eye make-up. Natural oils also have wonderful effects for the skin. It can lighten dark circles under the eyes and strengthens eyelashes.

What you need:

Castor oil             1 tablespoon

Olive oil                1 tablespoon

Jojoba oil             1 tablespoons

What to do:

Combine all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well.

How to use it:

Apply this make-up remover on your face with a cotton ball or your bare hands. Remove the oil mixture using microfiber cloth. To remove excess oil, wash your face with a damp warm cloth.

These homemade make-up remover recipes are all made of natural ingredients that are safe to use on your skin. However, if you experience any sensitivity to any of the products above, discontinue its use and if symptoms persist it is time to consult it with a dermatologist.