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Acai Berry for A Healthier You

You cannot imagine that this small, round and purplish berry, similar to a grape has so much power. Just like a superhero, it can overcome all odds which you can consider as a perfect food. In the Rainforest of the Amazon, this palm tree that the natives identified as ica-ica (literally means, the fruit that cries) bears the acai berry. This wonder fruit can cure an endless list of bodily disorders and the best option to shed those extra pounds. Continue reading

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Acai Berry Detoxification: A Healthy Option

In the rainforest of the amazon is a tree whose fruit is like a small purple marble and similar to a berry. Small but dynamic; this is acai berry which is acclaimed as one of the healthiest foods in the planet! Acai berries are highly perishable so unless you go to the amazon, you will not be able to taste fresh acai berries. The good news is that modern food technology has found a way to market the fruit as if it were freshly plucked from the acai berry tree. One of its magnificent wonders: acai berry cleanse/detoxification. Acai berry is the best cleansing and detoxifying agent.This article will discuss about the nutritional content of acai berry and the step by step 5-day Plan towards acai berry cleanse/detoxification. Continue reading