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The Wonderful Healing Properties of Rosemary Oil

Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean, the rosemary herb, scientifically known as Rosarinus Officinalis, has long been used in ancient Rome for religious and social ceremonies. It is also popularly used for culinary purposes because of its minty taste and aroma. Rosemary is also a popular essential oil valued for its multiple medicinal and aromatic properties. The oil extracted from rosemary leaves and flowers is frequently used in aromatherapy and in manufacturing of cosmetics. Rosemary oil also has healing properties, making it one of the staple home remedies for skin problems, body pain and even as daily supplement.

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Effective Ways to Maintain Youthful Skin

There is a much bigger pressure nowadays for people to maintain youthful skin.  It is not surprising why most people subject themselves to painful cosmetic procedures or buy expensive make-up to keep them looking youthful. Skin care is a booming industry because our lifestyles tend to become more complicated and unhealthy.  Constant exposure to the sun, pollution, chemicals, and cigarette smoke are the main culprit of ageing. Continue reading

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The Truth about Anti aging Foundation

When it comes to anti aging foundation makeup, it is vital to know that most of them are made of synthetic materials and preservatives that will eventually clog your pores.  These products will make you look older than you really are. These cosmetics that make your face look good while you’re wearing your make up will actually make your wrinkles worse. So what should you do if you want to wear a foundation without feeling guilty about damaging your skin? The answer is an organic anti-aging foundation. Continue reading