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How to Guarantee Cosmetic Safety

Cosmetic safety should be one of the concerns that consumers need to prioritize. We use cosmetic products on a daily basis however; do we ever stop and think about the ingredients inside the skin care of shampoo bottles? Do you even know when to dispose our cosmetic products? Below are just some of the tips that might help you answer these Continue reading


Do Cheap Makeup Brands Really Work?

Even if it is true that we get what we pay for, there are still a lot of good drugstore products that can be surprisingly reliable and worth the value for your money.  And who does not love a good bargain?  These affordable make up brands are often at par with the performance of the high end variety. This is also  perfect for those who are just starting with experimenting with make up and at an extremely low price range, you can purchase as much as you can to create a wide variety of looks. Below are just some of the best cheap make ups you can find in drugstores.

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Having Healthier and Stylish Hair with Pantene Hair Products

Don’t we all love experimenting with our hair? We color, twist and clip it based on our mood or fashion it after the latest hairstyle trends. We even cut it short out of convenience or maybe just to get that fierce androgynous look. However in the process of playing with our crowning glory, we usually damage it and we look for affordable products to maintain and keep it healthy once more.

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Top Makers of Antique French Perfume Bottles

Collecting antique French perfume bottle is an expensive yet educational hobby. The sight of fine crystals in each bottle and knowing that specialized artisans carefully handcrafted each piece justifies the effort and expense that was poured into searching these amazing works of art. The explosion of Art Nouveau in the 1890s encouraged the glass makers to experiment on various techniques and fashion highly decorated perfume bottles with oversized stoppers. The perfume back then was no longer valued for its scent but also for its container.

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Effective Ways to Maintain Youthful Skin

There is a much bigger pressure nowadays for people to maintain youthful skin.  It is not surprising why most people subject themselves to painful cosmetic procedures or buy expensive make-up to keep them looking youthful. Skin care is a booming industry because our lifestyles tend to become more complicated and unhealthy.  Constant exposure to the sun, pollution, chemicals, and cigarette smoke are the main culprit of ageing. Continue reading


All Natural Makeup: Is it Really the Best Choice?

I know you’re not a clown, but sometimes you may feel like one. Why? It is because your makeup is too strong for you and you probably look for an all natural makeup but aren’t sure if it is really the best choice.  You might be hiding some of your blemishes the reason why you put on a big amount of makeup on your face.

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Everything about Hands

They work the hardest. And I can’t possibly imagine life without them. They’ve thought me to move around by myself when I was a baby. They got me through school. They allow me to put on my second pair of eyes. They taught me the perfect place to wear diamonds. They make a big first impressions when they’re nice and soft. And they make almost everything in life possible. Our hands. Probably the most highly maneuvered out of all body parts when it comes to doing everyday things we take for granted, but my are they overlooked, and terribly so! Do you know our hands deserve our care and attention too? Maybe even more! Continue reading