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9 Most Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

Our foot is made up of twenty-eight bones and more than thirty joints that are held together by ligaments.  Together with our legs, it supports our entire body weight so it is subject to a lot of force especially if we use them extensively or if we engage in high-impact physical activities. This could lead to injuries and fractures that can cause chronic foot and ankle pain. Ageing and disease also contributes to this condition. Below are some of the major causes of foot and ankle pain.

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6 Important Facts You Should Know About Bunionectomy

A bunion is a deformity on the joint located on the side of the great toe due to poorly-fitted footwear or genetics. It is described as the tilting of the big toe towards the second toe and tissues at the base of the big toe become swollen. In some cases, this could escalate to developing bone spurs.

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Arthritis: A Bane to our Lovely Bones

Arthritis derived its name from the Greek term arthron which means joint and the Latin term itis, which means inflammation. The literal meaning obviously means pain in the joints. We usually associate arthritis with osteoarthritis since more and more elderly people are being diagnosed with the disease in their late sixties. Truth is, arthritis comes in many forms and most are functionally debilitating.  We are prone to this disease when one or two of the following components of our joints experience abnormalities: Continue reading