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Schoolboy Struggling with Math Problems

Top Five Hair Problem Solutions for School Kids

The hair is one of the most maintained parts of the human body. Men and women who want to look good treat themselves by pampering their “crowning glories” with shampoo, conditioner, hair softening creams, hair spa, hair dyes and other hair treatment-related products. Adults as well as children should take care of their tresses .  According to research,  school children are often “the victims” of hair problems such as lice and nits, dandruff, dry hair, oily hair, and split ends because of their frequent exposure to other children and environment. Thus, moms should give proper attention and guidance to their children with regard to hair care. Continue reading

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Do you have a bad hair day?

Your hair may give a positive or a negative impression from people around you especially if you have a new haircut or your locks become curly,  straightened or colored.  However, due to frequent styling, your hair gets dry and will eventually lose its shine and glamour.    As part of your beauty routine, you would do anything to search for the best product to restore your priceless crowning glory. This article will give you a DIY treatment for dry hair and will also share some information that might be the reasons why your hair gets dry. Continue reading