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tea bag for eye bags

Quick Fix for Eye Bags using Stuff in Your Home

Eye bags are one of the most dreaded effects of aging and stress to your body. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it is hard not to notice the bulge or dark rings below your eyes. People who you talk with will certainly notice those too. Having eye bags doesn’t make you feel or look good so at their very first signs, you start to find out how to remove them. But before going to the quick fix, let us see first what causes eye bags. Continue reading

blue eye

Eyelash Perm for Your Tantalizing Eyes

The moment you notice someone having stunning, flipped-up eye lashes for   quite a while and yes, it appears so glamorous and natural, then more likely,  that woman has discovered the nice thing about  eyelash perm. Just think about the impressive look of getting curly eye lashes that exude brighter , matched with your colored eyes.  Alternatively, you can make use  of an eyelash curler, a mascara or false eyelashes but why not consider an eyelash perm—this will undoubtedly last much longer compared to them. Continue reading