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6 Quick and Easy Tips for Applying Makeup

Women want to feel glamorous at all times but if you have a busy work schedule or juggling kids and housework or taking care of other urgent daily tasks, putting on makeup is the last thing on your mind. You may find it hard and complicated to achieve a natural and sophisticated look for daily wear but in reality it is easy if you take the time to find the right tools and products that compliment your face and lifestyle. With constant practice, applying makeup will be breezy with these six easy steps:

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Natural Looking Makeup

Humans have been doing all they can since the start of history to enhance their looks. For popularity or to gain better mates, our ancestors’ perception of beauty have been engraved in our genes, even up till today. With make up and various aesthetic enhancing techniques, its not really a challenge to improve the desirability of what you’re born with. Always looked like you’re wearing a mask when using makeup? Read here for natural looking makeup.

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Do You Blush Naturally?

Why do people blush? It can mainly be due to embarrassment or as a result of drinking alcohol. It might be because she is angry or whenever she sees her crush.  Well, it is also cute to see those rosy cheeks somehow but then, you don’t need to experience those just to make you appear more attractive. You may opt buying for the perfect blushers that matches your skin type and tone. Continue reading


Featuring the Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

The eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara all work to bring out the best look for your eyes.  One of the best ways to really make your eyes stand out is to put on mascara. It makes your lashes look long and thick.  Considering that some women have sensitive eyes, it follows that using low-quality mascara may produce eye irritation. This article will give you information about the best mascara for sensitive eyes,  types of mascara and 8 Useful tips to apply your mascara. Continue reading

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The Plus Side of Best Mineral Makeup

Using mineral makeup is a trend.  It is sold almost everywhere and endorsed by beauty professionals as one of the best makeups available today. While there are less popular brands that carry the benefits of mineral makeup, some renowned brands are LÓreal, Bare Escentuals, and Afterglow cosmetics.   In this article,  we will cover  many aspects about mineral makeup such as ingredients, primers, brushes and its advantages. Continue reading

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How to Guarantee Cosmetic Safety

Cosmetic safety should be one of the concerns that consumers need to prioritize. We use cosmetic products on a daily basis however; do we ever stop and think about the ingredients inside the skin care of shampoo bottles? Do you even know when to dispose our cosmetic products? Below are just some of the tips that might help you answer these Continue reading


Artistry Cosmetics for Skin Care

If you are not familiar with Artistry cosmetics, then you’ve probably not been approached yet by an Amway dealer. Artistry is the cosmetics brand sold exclusively through Amway and Quixtar, that are both part of the Alticor group of companies. It’s known primarily as one of the prestige brands along with Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Clinique and Chanel.

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