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The StunningTruth about ABCD Fruits

The pursuit for good health is an eternal quest for man as evident in the never-ending researches and studies for food that gives good health. They are given top priority and finance with billions of dollars. Health is wealth and sought after more than fame, money and happiness. In-depth researches and invention of drugs and supplements are not the only optionĀ since fruits are all around you– serving as bearers of wellness and physical health. The ABCD fruits for health are: apples, bananas, cherries and durian Yes Durian! This is a propular fruitĀ in Southeast Asian countries. Continue reading

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The Medical Properties of 3 Unpopular Sources

Fruits are not only sources of food but natural providence for good health. You see elderberries, figs and grapefruits in fruit stores but you look at them as fruits never considering them as rich providers for good health. Perhaps you may not even know what elderberry is or the health benefits of figs or the magical quality of grapefruits! Essentially, knowing them is another way to collect good health sources. Continue reading