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Tan Spray Tips

Spray tans are convenient to get your skin darker easily and quickly without any worry of the fatal effect of sun rays. It has shown good results and safe too; get your tan not under the sun but using this spray tan tips. Spray tanning is known by many names; it is also called sunless tanning, self tanning, fake tanning or UV free tanning. Chemicals are applied to the skin and the result is similar in appearance to a sun tan. It became popular in the ‘60’s after the health researches proved that direct sun exposure accelerates the incidence of skin cancer. Use this spray tan tips to achieve a natural tan.

Sunless tanning chemicals come in different types. The DHA-based products use lotions and sprays containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the base ingredient. Its chemical reaction with the amino acid of the skin surface causes the browning. The effect is temporary and will fade over 3 to 10 days. The tyrosine-based products are lotions or pills containing amino acid tyrosine. It stimulates and increases melanin formation accelerating the tanning process. Carotenoid-based products are tanning pills containing carotenoids that change the body color to orange-brown. You need to take a heavy dosage to effect the change. Spray tan tips have on record that only DHA-based products got the approval of FDA as a cosmetic; tyrosine and carotenoid are not given the stamp. Melanotan hormones are subcutaneously injected to darken human skin. Its effects are still being tested. Bronzers are temporary sunless tanning options that come in powder, sprays, mousse, gels, lotions and moisturizers. They are like make- up on the skin, easily removable and considered a one-day tan.

With many formulations available in the market, use these spray tan tips to buy the right one. Most are not resistant to sweat & light, easily fade off and stains clothing. The recent fad is the use of lotions or moisturizers containing gradual tanning agent; as the product is repeatedly applied, the skin becomes darker. Professionals use air brush tanning which can last from 5 to 10 days as it slowly fades after each shower. At-home airbrush kits and aerosol mists are now in the market.

Apply these spray tan tips to make the most of sunless tanning:

  • Get a tanning spray that contains SPF to offer protection against UV rays;
  • Wear eye protection and nose plug when spraying to keep off the risks of inhaling and ingesting DHA;
  • Test if the chemical fragrances will not trigger an asthma attack or cause an allergy on you;
  • Use tanners with fast drying formula and wait around 10 to 15 minutes to allow formula to dry before dressing;

Wear sun protection when going under the sun as spray tan will not protect you;

  • Exfoliate skin thoroughly before spray tanning so it lasts longer;
  • Repeat tanning session for a deeper tan;
  • Be well prepared and take care of spray tan to last longer since the time expectancy is only from 5 to 10 days;
  • Leave spray tan on for 3 hours before taking a shower;
  • Effect of tanning depends upon the condition of your skin;
  • Wait 4 hours to let your tan settle before having sex as the sweat and perspiration might create an uneven look;
  • Spray tan tips announce that sunless tanning is great for people with fair skin;
  • Hair on legs/arms and bald spot do not affect sunless tanning;
  • Keep eyes closed during tanning as solution might affect the mucous membranes;
  • Buy spray solutions with flowery/fruity/forest scent to create a pleasant aroma around you;
  • Test which type is best for your just like choosing the cosmetics appropriate to your skin;
  • Pregnant women should refrain using spray tan; and
  • Wait 6 hours after spray tanning before going into the water as soaking is the best way to wear off your tan.

These are some of useful spray tan tips to achieve a beautiful tan.