The Astounding Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair Growth and Health

Lavender oil is a significant source to promote hair growth.  If you who are experiencing a hair loss condition such as alopecia areata, you can surely benefit from this oil. This regenerative oil is used by manufacturers in producing scalp and hair products.  In addition, this oil aids in some health conditions of the body. 

The Latin name for Lavender is Lavare, meaning “to wash”; because of its aroma that satisfies the feeling of a clean aroma. Through steam distillation, lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers. This oil is used to make perfumes and aromatherapy also. It can be mixed with pine, cedarwood,  feranium, nutmeg, and pine.

 Hair Care Benefits

Those who have unwanted lice or nits will surely benefit from lavender oil. Moreover, it can be used by individuals who have problems with too much hair fall.  To regrow your hair, massage the oil onto your scalp.  You can see a significant increase of hair growth as time goes by.

Lavender oil is an ideal disinfectant. This is considered an antiseptic not just to treat itchy scalp or dry skin but also fights bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

It is a good medium of ensuring that hair can be managed without using any harmful chemicals.  Hair massage is needed when lavender is used on hair.

When used regularly, you can achieve a permanent hair growth while speeding up blood circulation. Furthermore, this will stimulate hair cells thus rejuvenating and promoting hair growth.

How to Apply Lavender Oil on Hair?

Using lavender oil is just like other oils that you might have used for your scalp.  Put a drop of oil onto your scalp and then massage thoroughly.  If you notice that there are no irritations happening on your scalp, consistently massage the mixture every night for 5 minutes.  Make sure that you concentrate more on the thinning part or bald spot of your scalp.  You can dilute a little if you feel the need, but don’t overdo it so that you’ll not lose its benefits.  Then wrap your hair with a towel.  You may do this several months and see the difference.

Another worthy of consideration is by adding 6 to 10 drops of lavender oil and rosemary oil to water with a quarter cup of oatmeal. The mixture will prevent dryness of the scalp.  Apply the mixture onto your scalp and then wash it off after one hour.

Aside from hair care benefits, this oil has wide variety of benefits which include the following:

Lavender Oil for Health

The significance of lavender essential oil for health includes its ability to regulate nervous tension, relieve pain, clean skin and scalp, enhance circulation of blood and heal respiratory disturbances.

Treatment for Various Conditions

For treatment of headaches, migraines, emotional stress, and depression, the aroma of this oil can aid to the restlessness or nervous exhaustion, thus increasing mental activity. It also induces sleep for those who suffer from insomnia. This oil can relieve stress and sleeplessness because of its soft, sweet scent.

Pain and Stress Reliever

Muscular aches, painful muscles, rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis, headaches, backaches, sprains and other similar conditions can be relieved by lavender essential oil.

Stimulate Urine Production

For those who have urinary disorders, lavender oil can help as it stimulates production of urine. It also aids to restore hormonal balance, reduces inflammation of urinary bladder while minimizing the risk of cystitis.  Moreover, it also reduces cramps associated with these conditions.

Cure for Respiratory Problems

Disorders of respiratory tract such as cough, cold, flu, laryngitis, tonsillitis can be cured by this oil in a form of vapor.  This oil can be set to inhalers for the treatment of coughs and colds.

 Skin Care

Lavender oil is a significant cure for acne, burns and cuts.

 Essential Oil

Lavender oil can be mixed with rosemary, thyme, cedarwood, grapeseed and jojoba.  These oils combined have healing properties without the apprehensions for possible irritation. You can combine 2 drops of lavender oil along with half teaspoon of jojoba, 4 teaspoons of grapeseed, 3 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of cedarwood and 2 drops of thyme to come up with an effective essential oil.

To sum it up, lavender oil is an effective means to promoting hair growth and assisting to some medical conditions.  On the other hand, doctor’s advice is still necessary especially on major health disorders listed above.