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The Wonderful Healing Properties of Rosemary Oil

Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean, the rosemary herb, scientifically known as Rosarinus Officinalis, has long been used in ancient Rome for religious and social ceremonies. It is also popularly used for culinary purposes because of its minty taste and aroma. Rosemary is also a popular essential oil valued for its multiple medicinal and aromatic properties. The oil extracted from rosemary leaves and flowers is frequently used in aromatherapy and in manufacturing of cosmetics. Rosemary oil also has healing properties, making it one of the staple home remedies for skin problems, body pain and even as daily supplement.

In the age of modern medicine, it is comforting to know that many of our common disease can be avoided through affordable alternative medicine. The use of herbs, essential oils as well as homeopathy can greatly improve our health and prevent a simple cough or sneeze from becoming a full-blown ailment. Below are just some of the uses of Rosemary oil:

Hair Loss Treatment

Whether caused by the environment or genetics, balding and hair loss negatively affects our physical appearance. Extreme cases usually call for medical procedures however for those with manageable hair problems, using shampoo products containing rosemary oil can greatly help in stimulating hair growth. Rubbing rosemary oil in the scalp promotes blood circulation and is also believed to prevent premature hair graying. It also has moisturizing properties that reduces scalp dryness, thus effectively controlling dandruff build-up.

Skin Care

Rosemary oil is also a popular ingredient in lotions and skin care product and its benefits extend to more than moisturizing and softening the skin. This essential oil contains healing properties that helps prevent cases of dermatitis, psoriasis and even eczema. When taken orally, rosemary oil prevents the multiplication of free radicals which is the leading cause of premature ageing. It is even said that it is more potent than Vitamin E in protecting our skin cells from damages. If you chose to apply it directly on the skin, you will notice that your acne gradually disappearing and your skin will look more nourished. This is because rosemary oil helps regulate our skin’s pH balance. Since Rosemary belongs to citrus herbs, you can also use it as an effective bug repellant and misting spray.


You may ask as to how can Rosemary, a very common herb could be such an effective home remedy. The secret lies on Rosmarinic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps flush out the toxins in the liver.  This acid keeps our livers stay healthy by increasing bile production and removal of waste. It also releases the detoxifying enzymes such as glutathione, guinone reductase and cytochrome P40. Just add the Rosemary oil in food or better yet take it in pill form so your liver can better absorb it. You can also consume it as tea by adding a few leaves in boiling water.

Anti-Cancer Supplement

The combination of the phenolic and flavonoid chemicals and ursolic acid makes rosemary a good anti-cancer supplement. These components block the build-up of carcinogens, the substance responsible for cell mutation, from attacking the cell’s DNA.  The herb also contains the chemical cornosol that reduces the release of nitric oxide, a type of cancerous free radical. Research shows that to be an effective remedy effective, it would be best to use the entire plane and not just parts or extracts of the rosemary. Oil and other commercially packaged plant by- products however, are the most convenient way we can access this herb especially when one is located in the cities or areas where rosemaries do not normally grow.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

The terpentoid components present in Rosemary oil helps in relieving joint and muscle pains after a strenuous physical activity. Massaging the essential oil or lotion in the skin helps sooth the tired muscles, prevents cramps and possible injuries. Even people suffering from seemingly incurable joint ailments like gouty arthritis and osteoarthritis also benefit from the healing power of rosemary oil. Simply mix rosemary with other essential oils and rub the lotion in the affected area. This will promote blood circulation and aid in eliminating uric acid from the body. When consumed, rosmarinic acid is an effective anti-inflammatory remedy because it alleviates arthritic pain without prompting the immune response cells to attack the joint. Antihistamine drugs usually activate immune response cells causing it to flood the joints with fluid.

Overall, there are no significantly harmful side effects in using rosemary oil. However, as with other treatments, make sure to test it before application to avoid allergies or other medical problems.