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Tips for Glowing Skin during Pregnancy

All women who are in the stage of pregnancy want to have beautiful and glowing skin. However, this can sometimes be very impossible for many of these women since not every mother is blessed enough to have that kind of skin. Why? It is because of the inevitable hormonal changes. Apparently, various types of skin reactions are expected. As a matter of fact, during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, she is expected to have a skin break out or might develop an acne formation during the term.However, when pregnancy period is over, the skin will go back to its normal glow and beauty. This is not a surprising although these women might have experienced skin dryness or other unsightly skin issues during their early pregnancy period.

To achieve beautiful and healthy looking skin during pregnancy, there is a
need for you to have a good skin routine. This skin routine should be consistently followed during and all throughout your pregnancy. There are several tips that you can follow to achieve beautiful and glowing skin during pregnancy. So, sit back and relax and follow the skin care tips for pregnant women below:

Use Body Moisturizing Washes

During a woman’s pregnancy period there is a need for her to have extra care not only for her face but all throughout her body too. A pregnant woman experiences her body becoming bulky and this is usually the cause of stretching which causes dry and itchy skin. Having these skin conditions can cause stress and trauma to a pregnant woman.

To make the skin soft and supple, pregnant women are advised to use natural oils and get rid of harsh soaps that only aim to strip off skin’s natural moisture. You need to make sure that you use body washes that have moisturizers to keep your skin nourished and well-moisturized.

Change Current Skin Care Products

Since a pregnant woman experiences various hormonal changes, her body, particularly her skin has certain needs. Hormonal change can make the skin either oily or dry; in account to this, there is a need for every pregnant woman to change their current skin care products; shift to the products that can address the kind of skin they presently have.

According to skin experts, pregnant women are so sensitive to skin care products as many of these products are actually harmful to the skin. To make sure that you get the right skin care products, you need to do some research or simply consult your doctor or dermatologist about it.

Treatment for the Abdomen

Pregnancy is a period of a woman’s life where she experiences continuous stretching of her abdomen. These cause stretch marks which usually remain even after a woman has already given birth. To prevent the occurrence of these stretch marks, there are certain safe moisturizing gels and creams which can be regularly used to massage the abdomen to prevent or avoid stretch marks.

 Skin Care Products

Like what has been mentioned before, pregnancy entails skin sensitivity. This simply means that the skin becomes more prone to certain damages than usual particularly when it is exposed under the sun. As part of a pregnant woman’s daily skin care routine, some women prefer  to start using skin care products that come with skin protection formula (SPF) to prevent skin to suffer from discoloration, dryness, and irritations.  On the other hand, pregnant women need to be cautious in applying topical treatments and skin care products especially in the 1st trimester.  Proper advice of ob-gyne is highly recommended.

Use Less Makeup

During the pregnancy period of a woman, she needs to know that makeup should be used less. When a pregnant woman can’t avoid using makeup, she needs to make it sure that her makeup items are safe and hypoallergenic, contain moisturizers, and should be non-comodogenic.

Pay Attention to the Breast

Keep in mind that it is not only the abdomen that enlarges when a woman is pregnant, so does her breast too! Skin on the breast area becomes sensitive and so with the nipples. Apply a good amount of moisturizing cream to your nipples and breast to prevent irritation. The use of maternity bras made of cotton is also highly recommended to avoid itching.

Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life which comes with different changes especially on her skin. Just follow these tips along with maternity exercise and balance diet to keep the skin healthy, glowing, and beautiful all throughout the pregnancy period.


For safety precautions, consult your ob-gyne before applying any topical treatments.