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Tips on How to Lighten Your Skin Naturally

As you age, skin problems arise. It could be uneven skin tones, wrinkles and dark spots. Nothing can stop aging but you can prevent it from quickly spoiling your skin. To do it, you must read about tips on how to lighten your skin naturally. Naturally – because it is the safest method. There are state of the art equipment in derm clinics that can lighten your skin fast. Though, skin lightening does not mainly focus on making your skin lighter. You should think about your skin’s health too. A hastily whitened skin may become more prone to aging overtime.

There are lots of available whitening products in the market. Though, there are issues about them that you might not be comfortable with. One of the most known controversies about beauty products is the ingredient called hydroquinone. Hydroquinone prevents the production of melanin, the natural dark pigment of the skin. Melanin protects the skin from harmful UV rays and deficiency from the said component leads you unprotected from the sun’s harmful rays. Apart from it, hydroquinone was found out to cause leukemia in animals such as mice. Another harmful ingredient found in cosmetics is mercury. Mercury is useful for scientific applications but not in humans. Mercury is poisonous and too much exposure to it may lead to deterioration of the nervous system, aside from many incurable illnesses.

So your best bet in lightening your skin is through the natural way. You do not have to worry about getting sick while carrying out these natural procedures.

Tips to Lighten Skin Naturally

1. The first step on lightening your skin is protecting it.

The sun speeds up skin ageing and darkening so start your day with applying sun blocks. There are plenty of sun block lotions available in the market with safe and hypoallergenic ingredients. All that you need to know about a product is at its label, so don’t forget to read it before making a purchase. Go for one with a grade of SPF 20.

2. Wear protective clothing.

Even if it is not sunny, the UV rays can still get to your skin so keep on wearing your protection especially if you are staying out in the sun for a longer time. You do not have to completely hide from the sun because sunlight gives Vitamin D and having enough of it keeps you healthy.

3. Use papaya soap.

Papaya has natural enzymes that are extracted to make skin whitening creams. But since using creams is among your last resorts, choose a natural soap first. Using papaya soaps would ask you to have a little patience because the results will be visible only after a few weeks.

You may also bleach your skin using natural ingredients such as lemon and yogurt. Prepare a lemon juice and add a small amount of yogurt into it. Use it as a regular bleaching cream every day. This way, you will be able to lighten your skin faster.

4. Drink plenty of water.

Your skin is smart and it knows when the climate will make it dry so it releases moisture. Though, not drinking enough water may make it hard for your skin to keep it supple because the supply of water is not enough. This can lead to drying. You may use a moisturizer but it only fixes the skin from the outside. Drinking plenty of water repairs your skin from the inside.

5. Another natural skin lightener is milk.

There are milk containing products in the market such as bath soap and lotions. They are a little bit expensive though. But if you think lightening your skin is an investment, you may go for it too.

6. Quit smoking.

Nicotine stains the skin. Aside from it, there are enormous harmful compounds in cigarette smoke that goes into your blood stream. These components block the entrance of nutrients that keep your skin healthy. Remember, a healthy a lighter skin starts from within.

7. Exfoliate once a week.

Exfoliation removes the darker dead skin cells and makes way for the lighter ones to grow anew. Take note to scrub lightly to avoid damaging your skin. Skin damage can lead to scabbing and it is not pleasant to look at.