Whiten Your Underarms the Easy Way

Are there some reasons that hinder you every time you think of wearing sexy dresses and other clothes that expose your armpits? Maybe because of dark and gross looking underarms? Well,  don’t be upset anymore for you are just about to discover natural ways on how to whiten your underarms and wear anything you please. However, before you proceed you need to know beforehand what causes the darkening of your underarms. Being aware of these things will make you more conscious on what appropriate deodorants and creams to use in the future.

Causes of Darkening:


Shaving is one major cause of darkened armpits, because as you shave the blade inevitably scrapes the sensitive skin. As this goes on, the damaged skin will turn red as you can notice after shaving and when it eventually heals it will become darker than your normal skin.

Dead Skin Cells

Another cause of dark underarms is the buildup of dead skin cells; this is however normal but can be prevented by regularly scrubbing the underarms lightly whenever you take a bath. Dead skin cells are caused by dirt trapped in the underarms and left unwashed. The dirt will speed up the decay of the skin that will turn into dead skin cells; this can cause bad odor too. Using deodorant or antiperspirant will also cause your underarms to change color. This is possible because deodorants contain chemicals that will react to the skin. Discoloration is caused by the ingredients that these products are made of.


Whiten Your Underarms Naturally by using:

Lemon Juice

But you need to worry no more because here are tips on how to turn those dark underarms into stunningly beautiful white armpits. Fruits can really be a blessing, like how lemon juice naturally whitens the underarm. All you have to do is mix it with an adequate amount of water in a bowl then gently rub it under your arm using a clean towel. Do this every day before you take a bath and before you retire to bed at night. You can also directly rub the lemon halves into your underarm but this often causes your skin to itch.

Baking Soda

Another natural way of whitening the underarm is by using baking soda. Simply mix the baking soda with a small amount of water just to make it damp then rub it gently in your armpits using your hands or a towel. Leave your armpits soaked with baking soda for about 10 minutes and do this every day before you take a bath.

Coconut Oil

Suppose you are one of those wanting to whiten their underarms in a nice fragrant way; coconut oil is the answer. Vitamin E, which is needed in moisturizing and whitening skin, is present in coconut oil. This oil also produces lots of collagen that causes the skin to look brighter, younger, and definitely whiter.


Honey is a great help too, you can mix five tablespoons full with honey in a half glass of lemon juice. It is proven to speed up whitening if a lemon is mixed with honey. Apply the mixed ingredients into your armpits and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with moderately heated water;this is better done before taking your bath and do this twice a day for best results.


Other Ways to Whiten Your Underarms

Several attitudes toward your hair removal methods need to be changed also. If you were addicted to using hair dissolving agents and creams it is now the right time to refrain from applying them under your arms. They are painless hair removal procedures but can cause severe damage to your underarms as they quickly darken your skin because of the strong acidic chemicals present in these creams.

You also need to shave less than usual, since shaving can damage and darken your skin. It is better to resort to hair pulling, but this should be done after washing your armpits with hot water so it can first loosen up your skin pores. Also, keep in mind to use clothes that are not too tight since tight blouses will brush against your armpits. When this happens, the friction will cause your armpits to grow darker, and since the passage of air is limited, sweating can occur. It is also recommended to wash underarms regularly so you can avoid using deodorants and even save more money.