wet wipes

Wonderful Works of Wet Wipes

Over the years, the demand for personal hygiene disposable products has widely increased. Due to busy lifestyles created by the combination of job-related pressures, rigorous daily activities and faster pace of life, a lot of people find it hard to stay fresh throughout the day. So if you’re looking for a way to freshen up and you’re on the go, grab a pack of wet wipes. Since the appeal of wet wipes has been of convenience and of ease of use, its portability enables all types of user to easily maintain or even raise their personal and environmental hygiene standards. Manufacturers started realizing the multiple uses of wet wipes because of the diverse wants of the market and started manufacturing various types to suit various needs of the customers like alcohol free wet wipes, wet wipes for sensitive skin, fragrance free and also wet wipes with baby oil and anti bacterial wipes as substitutes in clinics for hand sanitizers.

What makes wet wipes special? Why many people prefer wet wipes instead of alcohol and hand sanitizers?

Wet wipes or moist towelettes are small pieces of paper towels or clothes moistened with water or isopropyl alcohol and are sometimes treated with softeners, lotions and perfumes to get the right properties or “feeling” After that, the finished product are folded and packed for the user’s convenience.

Also, as compared to alcohol and hand sanitizers, wet wipes are multifunctional. It can be used to cleanse the hands, refresh the face, and clean up certain areas of the body. Since the rubbing actions of wet wipes help users to get their hands and faces feel cleaner, many have switched from alcohols and hand sanitizers to wet wipes.
Aside from that, wet wipes can also be used to clean up quick spills such as those on carpets, leather bags and etc. They can also be used for wiping office furniture like desks, computers,mirrors, keyboards and others not only to keep the furniture clean but also to kill germs.

Various Types of Wet Wipes

Baby Wipes

The most common type of wet wipes which has been on the market for the longest time. Since wet wipes have been a standard part of diaper changing kits, these types are often saturated with gentle cleansing solutions to cleanse the sensitive skin of infants and are often packed in medium to large plastic tubs to keep the cloths moist and to allow easy dispensing.

Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are usually made of fiber sponges soaked in water, alcohol and other active ingredients ideal to prevent infection, dispose of dirt and remove other undesirable elements. Disinfecting cleansing pads, usually found in first aid kits, are also used to sterilize the hands and instruments before attending to wounds.

Beauty Wipes

People don’t have to be beauty experts or skin care specialists to understand the appeal of beauty wipes. A must have for women, beauty wipes typically contain salicylic acid, vitamins, menthol and the likes to cleanse the face and remove make-up and dirt residues. So if your skin becomes oily and you want for a quick refresher without leaving your desk or you’re out traveling, simply reach for a beauty wipe.

Personal Hygiene Wipes

In some areas, particularly in Southeast Asia, wet wipes are often refrigerated to give the wipes a refreshingly cool effect before they are sold out. These types of wipes are often dispensed in restaurants, service stations, doctor’s offices and other similar places. Airlines also serve personal hygiene wipes with their airline meals since these wipes are often included as part of a standard cutlery package. Other personal hygiene wipes have also been made available to be used as alternates for toilet paper.

Wipes for Minor Wounds

These wipes are sopping with alcohol and benzocaine which are perfect in treating minor scrapes, burns and insect bites. It can also disinfect injury, ease pain as well as itching.

Wipes for Pet Care

Today, even pets have their dedicated type of wipes which can be used to clean their eyes, ear and teeth. These pet wipes are treated with boric acid, potassium chloride, zinc sulfate and sodium borate.

On the other hand, some people are allergic to wet wipes because of the different components present in the product. Indeed, finding quality wet wipes is very important as low quality wet wipes can cause rashes and skin irritation in sensitive skins. One should also monitor and observe the results in using a specific brand of wet wipe for a definite period of time. As soon as symptoms of allergies or skin irritation occur, use should be discontinued. If you already know that you have sensitive skin, ask your physician for a specific brand wherein your skin would not suffer to fully enjoy the benefits and convenience being offered by wet wipes.