Woman Eating Strawberry

You Are What You Eat

A lot of us may think that filling ourselves with any food and burping each time we eat is enough to make our body happy. It is very possible that we may have satisfied our cravings but little did we know that our health is already suffering and things may be too late when we learn. As a result, we tend to find ways to make things quick and easy.  Consequently, this fact has affected the way we nourish our body with the food and drinks designed to fill our tummy but not our body.  This is the reason why our society is getting unhealthy day by day leaving us susceptible to different kinds of debilities most especially with our skin where initial signs are present.

The Right Route to Health

Tuning our mindset to the right way of nourishing our body is the first step towards getting ourselves back on track.  How do we do all these?  First, we all have to understand that there is truth behind the phrase “You are what you eat”.  At first, we would even think of this phrase a joke or a form of mockery to those who celebrate life by eating, there is a medical sense behind it.  Our body gets all the nutrients it needs to function well through the food that we eat and by physically training our body to work well such doing our daily chores or exercise.

Three Vital Supplements

Taking daily supplements may help bring the lost vigor back as it boosts everything from the inside-out.  There are many vitamins and supplements in the market nowadays and the good thing about it is we will never have to worry about taking each of them, though it would be practical enough for us to know what we only need such as the following:

Vitamin C

It has been highlighted in one of the most famous research that vitamin C is in fact the “mother of all vitamins” as it is very capable of boosting our immune system, speeds up the healing process, aids cell regeneration, keeps the blood healthy, and its antioxidant properties help maintain skin elasticity and tone.  We will also notice that vitamin C is almost always present in most skin care products like facial and body soap and creams.

Vitamin E

Who does not know that Vitamin E is extremely precious for our skin?  It is a fact that vitamin E is one of the most essential nutrients our skin will ever need to keep its integrity.  After absorption, vitamin E is then converted to our body’s natural skin moisturizer as it also reinforces every skin layer for protection from any possible invaders there can be out there in the open.  Not only that, recent studies show that vitamin E has some beneficial effects of reducing cardiovascular problems or disorders.


Under the tripe tide category, this new age supplement is an accidental skin care wonder. This form of medication was originally administered to the elderly specially those who are suffering from heart ailments until the field of medicine noticed that everyone taking the medication exhibited change in skin tone and color as they became lighter from their original skin color prior to medication.  After several re-evaluation of the said medication, researches found out that the high level of antioxidant properties resulted to such effect.


Eating the Right Food

“You are what you eat” is a popular phrase.  So we need to take supplements that our skin and body deserve.  We need to be mindful of our health by limiting or totally eradicating the munching of junk foods.  Look at food sources that will make us healthy and well.  Children,elderly, pregnant women should be cautious about their diet.  There are foods that are unhealthy for growing kids and considerably, there are harmful food sources for unborn babies especially if they are taken in excessive amounts. Essentially, those who suffer from food allergies need to be selective and must prevent anything that naturally trigger the cause of allergies.  Likewise,  diabetics must limit their sugar intake.  Those people with arthritis must avoid eating too much margarine and saturated fats. People with high blood pressure and high cholesterol must prevent eating fatty  foods. What else,  those with kidney problem must devoid of eating salty foods.